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HP Friday five

hp_fridayfive questions.
1. Which HP character would you least like to wake up next to, hungover, with no memory of the night before? A dementor. Of course, I probably wouldn't wake up because I'd have no soul, but hey.

2. Of which character did your opinion change most as you read the entire series and why? Sirius Black. When I first met the character, I thought he was great, but then there was that whole thing with Kreature that absolutely killed his character for me. He said it himself, you're not judged by how you behave with your equals, you're judged by how you treat your inferiors. I found him sadly wanting that regard.

3. If you had a time turner, what is something you'd go back and change within the HP series? Harry, look in the damn mirror!

4. Who is the bigger traitor: Snape or Peter Pettigrew? Snape. I've heard a bunch of theories that he's acting on Dumbledore's orders, and that death the next grand adventure, like dessert after the end of a really good meal, but I've read the Vorksoigan series, and I've heard Aral's speech on orders you obey and orders you can't obey. The order to kill Dumbledore, if Dumbledore did in fact issue such an order, is one that shouldn't be obeyed.

5. Which chapter has affected you most? Probably that conversation with Sirius about Crouch cited above. It contained a lot of basic truths that resonated with me.
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