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The girl, the gold watch, and everything

The watch came out, not as brilliant as I hoped, but still quite lovely. It's hard to get true color on the pearls, but you can get an idea. They're a nice white. If I had it to redo, and more time to buy supplies (I came up with the watch idea with less than a week till the birthday, so it was hard to mail order, and even with the idea, I hadn't totally committed to anything.) I'd have gotten some gold spacer bars to help keep the strands straight even when the clasp isn't fastened. I ended up going with my ascending pearl idea. Hoppie had proposed a descending pearl concept, but it didn't look as good to my eye. I wanted to give him a chance to chime in on the completed look, but I had to finish the watch before Shabbos/Yom Tov started or I wouldn't be able to finish it. So he didn't get the chance to see the different looks. His loss. Anyway, this is my mother-in-law's reaction to getting the watch. The conversation went something like this:
MIL: Wow. I've always thought I should have a dress watch.
FIL: They got you a watch?
MIL: I think Marci made it.
Hoppie: Well, she didn't make the watch face, or the pearls.

It was very gratifying. Especially as I was concerned she wouldn't like it.

The rest of pictures from the Birthday celebration are here.

Yesterday being the first day of a new cycle in reading the Pentatuch (Torah), I started a new Torah study program. It's about 10-15 minutes a day. My goal is to do it in the mornings before work. So far, through 2 days, so good. The study program has 5 parts:
Part 1 - It examines and breaks down a line from the Torah reading of the week.
Part 2- It examines a line from the Mishnah (the oral tradition of Jewish law, ironically written down many, many hundreds of years ago, when it seems like there was a danger of people forgetting it.) The Mishnah they started with is laws of the Sabbath.
Part 3 - The Gemorah on the Mishnah in part 2, The Gemorah is the Rabbis commentaries on the oral law. They expand and elaborate on the discussion.
Part 4 - Mussar - Mussar is an ethical teaching, less of a law, and more of a moral compass. The Mussar (at least so far) seems to expound on some lesson learned in the previous parts. Today, for example, it was the type of moral lesson we could learn from the Torah verse in Part 1.
Part 5 - Question of the day. Yeah, exactly what it sounds like. Today's question was "What Jewish calendar-bound tradition follows the solar calendar instead of the lunar. (It's the prayer for dew which is timed from the equinox.)
Part 6 - Thoughts on prayer. This examines one verse from a prayer service and expounds on it. It's not early enough to establish a pattern, but today's verse was related to part 1, and part 4.

So, I can post thoughts on this, or keep my discoveries to myself. Reply if you have an opinion on which way it should go.
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