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Random questions gacked from lizzie

1. Do you prefer solicitors and service staff to address you by first name or by title+last (e.g. "Ms. Smith", "Dr. Adams", etc.)?
First name. I'm still not entirely sure who "Mrs. Hopkins" is, and I hate to hear anyone butcher my maiden name, and most people do.

2. How many careers have you had?

3. How many jobs? How many employers?
11 jobs, iirc
7 employers

4. What was the best employer you worked for?
Employer or manager? Hrm.
Present job certainly ranks high on both counts and so might win overall. Best manager was Mary Jane though.

5. What was your favorite job?

Probably this one. Possibly teaching and developing course work. I did enjoy that.

6. How many companies, businesses or incorporated organizations have you founded?

None! I'm a leech!

7. Did you grow up to be what you wanted to be when you were 5? When you were 10? When you were 15? When you were 20?

I don't remember what I wanted to be at any of those times. But if we're talking in non-work related goals, I have achieved the loving marriage I always wanted. That's something, I guess.

8. Have you published any books or academic papers? How many?

self-published, no. Are people in the world reading my works. Yes.

9. Do you hold any patents? How many?

10. Are you licensed or certified to practice a profession(s)? If so, what?

I'm certified to program MUMPS! Bahahahahahaah

11. Ever served in the military? What branch and how long?

12. What's the largest number of employees you have ever managed at a time?
4, but put managed in quotes. 8-)

13. How many countries have you lived in?

14. How many times have you been married?

15. How many kids do you have? How many grandkids?

16. Whom do you observe Thanksgiving with?
Husband's family. Before that, my aunt and uncle.

17. How many parents have you had?

18. How many of your parents are still alive? How close are/were you to them?
All of them. Very close.

19. What's one way you were surprised to find out you turned out like one of your parents?
I'm a gadget freak and an action/adventure lover like my dad.

20. What's one way you expected to turn out like your parent(s) and were surprised not to?
I can't add and subtract AND I can't spell. My father is a math wiz, but can't spell, and my mother can spell but can't do maths. I can do neither. It's oodles of unfairs, I tell you.

21. Do you own or rent your home? If the former, how many years on your mortgage, if any?
Husband owns home. 24 left.

22. Do you have roommates (i.e. non-family adults living with you)? If not, how long has it been since you had roommates?
Nope. Been 3 years.

23. Have you ever sat on a jury?
No. I've been called for jury duty, but never selected. *sniff*

24. Have you ever run for office? Held office?
Does recording secretary of a high school club count? I think that was a my favorite, although I've held other club related offices. Nothing political though.

25. Are you a member of a political party? Do you volunteer with it? Do you donate money to it?
Yes, registered Democrat. Sometimes. Not recently, but I have in the past.

26. What's the nicest restaurant you've been to in the past year?
Dalia's maybe.

27. What's the nicest item of furniture you've bought? (Gifts don't count!)
Bedroom set!

29. Do you have a preferred airline? How many frequent flyer miles do you have?
I used to prefer Delta. Lately I don't really have a preference and I don't track ff miles.

30. Where do you like to go to vacation?
British Isles.

31. Women: Do you wear skirts or trousers on the job?

32. Men: Do you currently have facial hair?

33. Do you have grey hair yet? If so, do you try to hide it?
Maybe. My hair is sorta witchy in colour with many different shades of color. It's hard to tell whether any of those blonde streaks are really grey streaks.
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