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Friday Five and other things I'm too busy to think about

1. What is your favourite part of Book 1? Why?
The trials leading to the Philosopher's stone.

2. If Hogwarts really did exist, what area of the castle would you visit first? Why?
dungeons. I have theories about those.

3. What's your favourite spell or curse? Why?
tarantallegra. I love that you can make someone dance uncontrollably. I once took a character of mine (who was written to suck at charms) where he cast it so poorly the victim dances a slow waltz instead of a fast jazzy step.

4. Which Weasley is your favourite? Why?
Molly. I like her compassion and her strength.

5. If you could see a character from another fandom be dropped into the world of HP, who would it be and why?
Ugh. crossovers. I hate crossovers. Maybe Artemis Fowl. He's used to magic and bizarre things and he always knows how to turn things to his advantage. He could work the system, even as a muggle.

Yesterday's verse was "By the sweat of your brow shall you earn your bread"
The interesting take-away for me here was that one of the commentaries said that this was actually a lighter sentence than originally plans. The original plan was to make humans just like the animals, eating thistles and grasses without working to refine them. But Adam complained that he was concerned he would refer to beast status if he had to eat as a beast so G-d lightened the sentence.

Today's was about the offerings of Cain and Abel.

Ugh. So freaking busy.
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