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you're what I've been waiting for

I might have to stop mocking Dr. Quack. The nutritionist he's got me seeing is really grounded and helpful. She didn't beat me up for the things I didn't do, just focused on the things I did and how I can improve on the progress I've made. It made life seem doable.

Thanks for all the well-wishes for Nat. I haven't heard anything yet and I don't know what tests they're running today. Yesterday they ran 2 CAT scans presumably after a neurological exam. Brian told Dad that Nat had a CAT scan at 7months (although no idea why) and there was nothing there then. That doesn't give me the warm fuzzies. But what about this did does. Anyway, I'll keep ya'll posted.

In today's Torah reading, the dove left the ark, but found no place to settle and returned to the ark.
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