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It's a gift (and a curse)

Two quick stories:

Hoppie: Can you find the invitation to tonight's party?
Me: It's over by you somewhere, isn't it?
Hoppie: Oh, I don't know.
Later. I stood in front of the spot where hoppie sits and stores all his papers. I looked over the area for about 30 seconds.
Then I reached down and plucked a plain white envelope out from where it was buried underneath more mail.
I turned it over so I could see the front of the envelope. Having confirmed it was what he wanted, I handed it to him.
Hoppie: Oh. Well.
I walked away thinking, "It's a gift....and a curse."

This morning I woke up at 7:00 (which would otherwise have been 8:00 without the time change). Ugh.
I called my dad around 9.
Dad: Your mom's not awake yet...with the time change.
Me: With the time change, you and are up at 7, thinking, "Now what? Nothing's open. There's nothing to do."
Dad: I went for a walk around the grounds.
Me: It's a curse. (and a gift)
Dad: It's a curse.

PS: yay Cards!
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