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Nat update

On Tuesday, they told Brian that Nat's spinal fluid isn't draining correctly, and if it doesn't stop leaking by Friday, they'll have to operate. Yesterday they didn't mention at all, so Brian has no idea what's going on there.

The pathology on the tumor confirmed the preliminary diagnosis. It's definitely a Medulloblastoma.

Because he's so young, they can't really use radiation therapy which would otherwise be the norm for a tumour in the brain, instead they'll treat with chemo which has a lower success rate. It lowers his odds of beating the cancel from 80% to 50% on the chemotherapy.
He'll start chemotherapy treatments in 3 weeks.

In good news, they took the stomach drain out yesterday and he got to eat a little bit and walk around a little more.

In less good news, he suffered 2 seizures and will have to take anti-seizure medication for 6 months.
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