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Pre party anxiety

So last night I had a dream about this upcoming party. Interestingly enough, most of the people I noticed were from original home, not Boston, including friends I haven't seen or heard anything from since high school, maybe before.
It was a somewhat typical anxiety dream. I was wondering around at the party in street clothing looking for Lori to help me dress.
But first I helped my cousin Kelli find the guest book. Then I helped Judy (friend I haven't seen in years) find Judy, which was odd because on waking she should have been looking for Rachel first, who was at the next table. Although admittedly Judy was probably just following me, and I was looking for Lori, although I tried to draft Judy, but she blew me off saying that as a married lady, she had an obligation to stay with her husband. (This is my subconscience burning off some anxiety. I understand where this is coming from.)
But then I realized, even before I found Lori, that I didn't have anything but the dress on me. Fortunately the party was at my house (which looked nothing like my house actually looks, but it would be nifty keen if it did. This had a full auditorium with wrap around reception area and a dungeon under the auditorium where I was intended to get changed. But to get to the door to the dungeon, I sprinted across the auditorium, which probably woudln't have attracted nearly as much attention if the DJ hadn't made some smart-ass comment about how the bride wasn't ready...again. So I hung my dress back of the door to the dungeon and went off in search of the rest of my accoutrements.
One could ask why I didn't use my bedroom, since I had to go up there anyway to get my shoes, which took me forever to find, although I did find a nice pair of white slippers with blue ribbon ties. Then I was looking for the headpiece and veil which of course were in separate locations (this is not that improbably, they actually do detach, in fact, currently ARE in diferent locations. The veil is folded neatly in a bag with my shoes, and the headpiece is upstairs in the bedroom. It was just the way they got packed when we came back.). I was still looking for pieces of my outfit when I woke up.
Unpleasant layoff here yesterday. Some definitely hit you harder than others. I was hoping...I don't know what I was hoping. I just wish the economy would hurry up and turn.
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