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Strange dream, and more Nat update

Sometimes I have dreams that seem more real than the reality I wake up to. And it takes awhile to reset my brain.

I blazed through the interview, which wasn't especially rigourous. I don't know whether it was actually part of my dream, or just backstory I already "knew" but it made the whole dream seem very solid and real. I walked in the first day and with me I had 3 small boxes of stuff for my office. I was shown to a waiting area. The architecture was very open and modern, silver and glass, but warm too, with rich burgundy coloured carpets, or maybe slightly redder. I went to wait at a desk behind the reception area for someone to show me to my work area. I left the boxes at that desk when they told me it was a long way back to the office. I figured I'd come back for them later, take them to the car and park in a location that had doors closer to where I was working.

We walked all the way through the building. It was, as they said, quite a long way. We chatted on the way. We passed offices, and cubes until we got to an are that looked more like a restaurant than an office. There were tables and booths, and various people working in groups at tables or alone. I think there was a bar (I didn't notice if there was liquor in it) off to my right. Everyone had laptops and seemed to be working mostly, chatting occasionally. This was where the product I was documenting was being developed. I realized that I wouldn't want anything in my boxes in such an open environment where I was likely to be working in different spots every day depending on my mood and what I was working on that day. I also realized that my computer, when I got it, would be a laptop. The first day, I think I read materials and got to know people.
The second day, I still didn't have a computer, but my boss, who is much like my current boss, gave me an assignment based on what I was reading, to help me focus. I started writing it in pen and got about 2 paragraphs in when I made a mistake. I corrected it as best I could (like writing the wrong letter type mistake, I'll do that when I'm writing in a hurry), but then tore up the paper and started again. I got to three paragraphs before I made my mistake this time, then gave up and pulled out my palm and keyboard and figured I'd find a way to hook it up someone's computer to print it.

Then we got called into a meeting. I was in a room off the main room when they called the meeting. Off to the side, I saw Noah (from old job) who'd just started that day. Someone told me he'd be there, so I wasn't surprised. My boss called out to me, "And you and Noah know each other from a previous job, right?" I pasted a fake smile on my face and nodded and said yes. When everyone (except Kevin from The Office) turned away from me, I rolled my eyes. He laughed and poked the person next to him explaining what I'd done and how amusing it was. Very Kevinlike.

We went into the main room, which now had stadium seating on the left instead of the usual tables and booths. I went to take a seat, and Noah called me over to sit with him. Not knowing a way to refuse, I made my way down the back row of chairs and down to the chair next to him. Because of the way I'd gone, I ended up sitting on the end with him next to me, so I didn't even get a chance to sit next to any of my new coworkers. That made me feel really grouchy.

When I woke up, I was pretty confused and all prepared to go to my new job in Waltham although I didn't know what the company was or where the building was. That, more than anything else, tipped me off that it had been a dream. But it seemed very, very real.

My jewelry should go up for auction today. Bid on it so I'm not embarrassed, but only if you might want something. Men, I know you're all feeling helpless over there and somewhat humbled by all the girl stuff in the auctions. Brian said in his long mail that he could use Visa check cards or Gas cards from HESS or RACEWAY/RACETRAC. Or could you buy presents for your women and children. Those super soaker pants work great for kids in diapers, I've seen Nat's.

Brian called last night and gave me basically the same information he mailed out. But one thing you don't get from the letter is how completely exhausted he sounds.
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