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I spoke to Brian last night. He sounds less tired. More...resigned.
He expounded on the chemotherapy treatments for Nat. He'll have four days of shots. They will do a minor surgery to place a ...something catherter (like a plug) in him to make it easier for them to give him shots. So, then the four days of shots at the hospital. Then they go home and every four days, Sissy and Brian give him a shot. After 15 days, if his body has stablelized from the chemo, they wait another 15 days then go in for the next treatment. If he's not stablized after 15 days, they wait until he is, then wait 15 (clean) days before doing the next treatment. This is why the treatment can last from 13 weeks - 2 years.

After the treatments are done, assuming there's no recurrence and all is well, Nat is officially considered in remission and they drop back to a monitoring status.

Nat has been moved out of ICU into what Brian calls, "His new hotel room." He commented on the irony of the situation. He'd been traveling all of Nat's life and with his new job, one of the reasons he wanted to take it, he'd be able to provide a stable homelife he'd be able to provide for Nat and little baby Asher. And now, despite his best efforts, Nat and Asher will have to travel regularly anyway.
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