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November 9th, 2006

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08:39 am - And now, a word from our sponsor
The last post was yesterday's update that didn't get posted for Tuesday. Now I have Wednesday's update.
I spoke to my parents and to my aunt. My aunt just came back from a long weekend with Brian and Sissy. She's very concerned about Brian's mental state. Both she and my dad have talked about this, how he goes immediately to the worst possible conclusions and dwells there for a bit.

This week's issue is Nat's regressions. He was fully potty-trained and pretty verbal. Now he's wearing a diaper and repeating himself alot. He's concerned that the surgeon caused permament neurological damage.

He's such a good little guy.

My dad decided to join my mom when she goes down. This was her original (pre-crisis) trip where she was going to take a week and just hang out with the family. Dad was originally going to let mom go by herself still, but Pam, Sissy's mom will be gone, and Brian sounds like he needs the extra support to keep his spirits up and to help with Asher and make sure Nat is getting enough attention. It's the right decision.

They apologized to me for spending so much time with Brian. It made me want to cry. At a time like this, they're concerned that I might feel neglected or shunted aside. I call nearly every day for updates. I just wish I could go down and do something for Brian. I just want so much to do well at my job. First release, new job. If I were still working my old job, I'd have told them to go screw and gone down for as long as I wanted. I'm glad my parents are going because it makes it easier for me to stay here. Admitting that probably proves that I'm more selfish than if I was jealous of Brian because he's getting more parental visits.

He'll be fine. He just needs more time. That's all.
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