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I got this letter today from Dawn who is the director of communications for the Brain Tumour Society. I would never have imagined that such a thing existed. They're based in Watertown. The letter is reprinted with permission ('cause I know that was the first think you thought of.)

I receive Google alerts for brain tumor related issues, and Nat has been popping up across the internet thanks to your e-advocacy on his behalf. Families like yours are incredible for raising awareness in the community, in addition to all of the support for Nat that you’re generating.

Since I just discovered that you’re so nearby, I decided to drop you a personal note. I know Nat is getting good medical care, and that there is a strong system of family support for all of you, but please don’t hesitate to contact the Brain Tumor Society if we can be of help. Our website,, is full of information, and our Director of Support Services, Sarah Gupta, is a licensed social worker who coordinates with patients and their families to connect them with resources and answer (non-medical) questions about navigating the process.

Our thoughts are with Nat, and with the rest of your family.

Warm regards,

Dawn Grenier
Director of Communications

A World Without Brain Tumors

Brain Tumor Society
124 Watertown Street, Suite 3H
Watertown MA 02472
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