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While I'm rambling (and stalling trying to switch back from manager to writer mode)

I don't know why so many of these dreams start out on Comm Ave in Brighton. But there we are on Comm Ave and Brighton nearish Harvard Ave meeting a bunch of friends from college. Mostly hoppie's friends. One of the guys is living in Topsfield now, and I say, that's where hoppie used to live. And he argues with me for a moment then takes out this picture from a photo album of young hoppie. On the back is his name and where he was living at the time. So he concedes that I was right and I admire the picture of young cute (ultra thin, short haired) hoppie.

Once we're all together, we head off to the retro arcade exhibition. Well, some of us do. Hoppie and some of the guys go to the chair place next door. I don't really see the appeal of it, it's recliners and maybe TVs. It wasn't entirely clear to me what the heck was going on there. I go into the arcade. As happens in dreams, the number, size, and configuration of the rooms shifts during the dreams, but initially, I move to the back of the room to play the retro pinball. For retro pinball, they have one wooden pinball machine and a faded Battlestar Galactica pinball machine with very little happening on the playfield, but 4 or 5 sets of ramps. It has a digital readout on back box and that is very faded. I play a game then I wander over to the common wall between the exhibition and the chair place and notice that hoppie has left or is in the process of leaving.

I wander around and notice they have a whole PacMan evolution thing going on, with a PacMan Mrs. Pacman and that PacMan pinball game and maybe another game that's similiarly themed. When I go back into the room that had the BSG pin, it's completely different. The room is bigger and the games form rows instead of a mostly wide open space in the center and, in addition to the games, there are retro vending machines. Hoppie joins me and I buy a rootbeer float from a rootbeer float machine. I put in my 45 cents and it drops a cup, fills it 1/4th full of rootbeer, adds the vanilla ice cream, then fills it the rest of way with rootbeer. It looks delicious, but it doesn't taste very ice creamy. Hoppie buys an exploding foam toy from another vending machine. I also noticed a "rocket flyer" type thing made of paper that you chose colours and designs for custom painting. We went over to talk to someone and nearby where they were standing was a softserve ice cream vending machine. I was thinking of going to get a chocolate one, but I think I decided against it, or I woke up. One or the other.
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