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Why don't they have...

A way to see who is removing you from their friends-list. It seems stalkeresque, but I keep get randomly added by people (apparently some script finds me interesting, neat!). The first (or second) time I get added by the same person is odd. To me, it seems like someone is adding me repeatedly. It's very confusing.

My posts are largely unlocked atm, so it doesn't matter to me if people add me, whether I want to read them or not, and I've picked up some neat friends by random adding, but the two users in question who've added me recently a) don't seem to last more than a day or so, so I wonder if they're only friending me so I'll friend them, which I currently have no interest in doing. and b) don't seem to actually read my journal and c) are adding more journals than they could possible read and still have time for pretty much anything, unless they sleep and read lj at the same time.

I have enough trouble keeping up with my own friend's list and it's considerably smaller, but of course, probably populated by more interesting people.
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