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And unrelated

I wanted to thank the flist for keeping me from doing a bad thing.
I was reading my Torah study today that it's forbidden to ask for or read omens. So when I thought about the insurance thing, "This is a sign of what was meant to be." it wasn't. And you guys kept me from sitting back on my tush and not accepting that it was. Thanks.

Which does not mean anything changes but my perspective.

Actually, I'm still a bit depressed about the whole thing.

I just got email from another friend from HS. She's pregnant and irritated about it. She never wanted to have kids and her estranged father has just passed away. And I may be overanalyzing (me? never!) but suddenly I question the timing of hearing this. I wonder if she called Robin The Midwife who told her she'd better tell me before I hear it from somewhere else. Which means Robin has known about this for 3 days and not mentioned it.

Best not to dwell on these things, I suppose, but that thought pretty much derailed the rant I was gearing up for.

I dreamed about Aunt Robert and Osher last night. The dream started out at the parents home. My mom was going to take a nap so she sent me to the JCC to collect Osher and bring her back. I picked up Osher. There was some conversation in the lobby, but I don't remember what it was about or who it was with. But when we left, I let Osher drive. Somewhere along the line we picked up Roberta and I talked them into going to the Hebrew bookstore with me 'cause I wanted to buy some music. The bookstore, which was ostensibly the one I'd go to in Brookline, was located over near the Village 8 theatre, which is nearish the JCC. We went into the store and I was telling Osher about this song I heard on Chaggigah about this woman who was in love with "Benny." I sang the song badly to here and she sang it even worse back to me, because she was imitating me and had never heard the song. We were cracking up and I thought the store owners would come yell at us any second. I wouldn't have blamed them. Roberta was pretty mortified. "Girls!"
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