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November 20th, 2006

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11:59 am - Assortment of random things

There was something in my Lesson a Day reading that was different than I was expecting.

The Mishnah (oral law) said that you could wear a coin on an injury on your foot (out in public).

The Gemorah (commentary) on this Mishnah explained that this was because the coin specifically had three properties that made it accelerating the healing process: 1) it was hard. 2) it was metallic meaning that it would induce sweat and the moisture would accelerate the healing and 3) It was etched (which I assume means the moisture wouldn't rest flat against the foot, maybe?) And that only something that met all those criteria would be permitted to be worn on an injury on a foot on the Sabbath.

Now my initial reading of that Mishnah was the opposite. I read it as you could wear (even) a coin. A coin which has absolutely no permitted functions on the Sabbath would be okay to wear on your injury. How much more so (chol v'chomer) could you use something that has a permitted use on the Sabbath to wear on an injury. Offhand I can't think of anything, but I wouldn't put a coin on my foot anyway, but maybe, say a tiddlywink, which is part of children's game which could be played on the Sabbath. I would think, from the reading of the Mishnah, that it would be okay, if I thought it would help my foot, to put a tiddlywink on my injury. So I'm a little confused by the Gemorah's reading which would say that it's actually not okay because it doesn't match conditions 2 and 3.

So for Hebrew class, we're reading "Eyn Kelokainu." It's a pretty straight-forward prayer. four verses+one line, lots of repetition. I think I learned it when I was 3. But here's something I didn't notice (or if I did, I forgot it.) The last stanza contains the phrase "Ata hu..." Which I've always just translated as "You are" but it actually means, "You he..." or to render it properly in English "You (are) he (who is)" The phrase "you are" would be "Ata yehiyah." What does it mean? No clue. Poetic form? Maybe. Or some deeper meaning or implication? Maybe.

So I had this strange dream last night.
Hoppie and I were meeting some friends at a restaurant on Route 9. I don't know what the restaurant was, something common, like Bickfords or Denny's, but slightly upscale. Maybe something like Houlihan's or O'Charlie's. Something that was all dark wood and boring American food. Anyway, we parked the car went in, and I noticed the car that pulled into the parking lot after ours contained my husband's cousin (Cindy) and a guy I didn't know. I suggested we invite her to join us and our friends and he said, "No. She's with her own friends. Let her enjoy her dinner." Well, I didn't like the idea, but it's his cousin, so I deferred to him. We went inside and were greeted by the manager who happened to be our friend Tony (which was a bit of a surprise, but he's a good manager type, so not a total shock). We were seated with our friends and Tony joined us and I explained to him about the cousin thing. So I offered to point her out to Tony. She went towards the bathroom and I pointed her out, but he didn't turn around in time to see her. So were watching the entrance to the hallway that led to the bathroom and she never came out. But there was a second exit that was deeper into the restaurant so we assumed she'd gone out that way.

Tony and I went to hunt her down. (For some reason, this all totally made sense at the time.) I don't know if this is significant, but in my dream her hair was a darker red than usual and was curled and sort of shiny/glossy looking, like it was gelled. So Tony and I wandered most of the way around the restaurant except for this one area that sort of stadium seating (with tables?) along the sides of the rooms and a big open area (dance floor? swimming pool? something randomly roped off?). Then Tony got called back to go be managerly, and I continued by myself.

Then this cute guy in a white suit started chatting me up. He was flirting pretty heavily, and I was vaguely flattered so I let him walk with me while I explained that I was looking for my cousin. We did see my (hoppie's) cousin, but we also, through the window that led out to forest behind the restaurant, a small bear cub that had been injured. I left the guy promising to return and ran to Tony to ask if there was a first aid kit that would allow us to aid the bear. He said they didn't have anything, but he thought the place next door, (Staples? Oddly enough where Tony used to work, but not in the stores, but that's neither here or there) would have one. So I went looking, but I couldn't find it. I eventually returned to find white suit guy talking to cousin. Cousin was explaining to the guy that I was married, and happily, and would not be seeking outside interests for a long while, if ever and he should go back to trolling. Moreover, she explained, that she was technically not my cousin, but my _husband's_ cousin and that just made it less likely that I would hook up with him. I was amused. I was going to let him down slightly easier than that, but you know, you can't always choose these things.
Then I woke up.

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