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Nighmares and Cheers

Last night I had two nightmares about BEF.
In the first one, which was very long, and very detailed and I don't remember much of it. I ran into him and a friend of his (male) at a Christian-oriented Bible study (??). He was sitting at the back and I remember having a hard time focusing on the priest who was conducting the study, because I kept feeling like he was watching me, or talking about me. Eventually he moved into our home, just for a little while, with uncertain goals. At first it seemed like it didn't have anything to do with me, but things kept happening to throw us together. Some how he worked it so that he and I were in the house alone while hoppie was sleeping somewhere else. I kept locking myself in rooms or trying to stay in the kitchen where I felt safer. The Kitchen oddly enough looked like the kitchen at the former house of a friend of my mom's. At some point I ventured out of the house, got hoppie and we went out to meet Lori and Brian in Fitchburg (which for no particular reason was off 3A, instead of 2.) I was passing this guy, and accidentally ditched a mini-tractor. Then suddenly we were walking up 3A, and VERY VERY late, so I called Lori, and she came to pick us up, but then we had to listen to a message from John (not Brian?) who was annoyed that we were so late. Then there was a knock on the door, and I want to see who it was. The person refused to identify himself and had his hand over the eyehole, so I decided not to answer it. Then the door opened and a very skinny white person wearing an Al Roker mask came in. Then she took off the mask and it was Ellen Degenneres (not 100% surprising as we watched her show with Alton Brown just before going to sleep), Lori had given her a key.
So I woke up from that dream, and did what I always do after having a bad dream, especially one involving BEF, I woke up hoppie and I said, "I had a bad dream." and he was unusually good. Normally, he snuggles me until I don't need it anymore, or I've fallen asleep, but this time he said, "What was it about?"
And I told him, "It was about BEF. He wanted something from me."
"What did he want? Sex? or something else?"
"We didn't have sex. I don't know what he wanted."
"Well it's over now. Go back to sleep." and he turned over and held me until I felt comfortable enough to go back to sleep and dream the second nightmare:
We were having breakfast at a small diner in a small town. I refered to it as Topsfield (where hoppie's parents live), although it didn't look anything like Topsfield. Anyway, BEF was outside doing something or maybe he was eating with us and stuff happened that I don't remember, but at the end of the dream he went off with his friend and our 14 year old son (?!) down the street to the center of town to catch the school bus. I discussed with hoppie how odd it was that BEF who is too old for jr. high/high school would be going with our son to catch the bus, but I didn't really think anything of it, until they got down there and something happened. It looked like BEF cut the power lines and hid behind the bus and I think kidnapped our son. And then I woke up.

In other news, I am stocking up on needfuls for the trip! Hurray Disney! I bet that will chase away the nightmares!
And I lost weight. Probably around 5 pounds since the 10th. This validates Curves in many ways and cheers me for the trip and gives me confidence. I'm pleased. In fact, I'm much happier awake than asleep.

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