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Dad called me while I was at the bead store. He made an effort to recount what happened in the proper sequence. I'll do my best to recreate it. I was not writing anything down, so I don't claim it's an accurate accounting.

Before we get too deeply into this, let me just say that Nat is a sick little guy, but he's still fighting.

Friday Brian called me as they were headed to chemotherapy, I think I blogged that.
They checked him out and he seemed to be fine.
That night, Brian accidentally woke Nat up.
And when Nat woke up, he was not okay. He was hallucinating, and screaming and having a fit. He scared Brian so much that he bundled everyone up and went to the hospital.

They put Nat on life support systems, and shortly after they did, his systems stopped functioning. He has pneumonia. For awhile he was running a fever of 103 degrees, but the fever broke yesterday. He's still on life support and they think he might be in the hospital for 10 days to 2 weeks. Sissy's parents went down today to help out. Mom and Dad may go down next week. Right now they're both got colds and that's pretty much not what Nat needs right now.

Brian doesn't want anyone to worry, so don't worry, but keep praying.
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