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But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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November 28th, 2006

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08:08 am - Dream of the diver

I had a bunch of dreams last night.

One involved hoppie's family and mattresses. The other involved hoppie and rocker and music.

This is the third:
We were gathered around a set of rooms. Submerged rooms, kinda cave like. We were crowded around the entrance, but the entrance was a small hole in the ground and underneath it, a cavernous area of water, like a swimming pool. On the far end of the "pool" were two openings on opposite sides leading to a second cavern (presumably) where the anomaly being studied was located.
We were waiting on the diver to return. His children, a boy and a girl, were with us, although not his wife. After awhile, they decided to send in a second set of divers. I was talking to one of the divers. He wanted to go, but they sent the twin bimbo Barbie divers and an old salt to guide them. Twin bimbo Barbies came back about 5 minutes later. They hadn't found the body, but the'd been completely freaked out by the anomaly. A white whirlpool like mass that seemed to pull everything out away from our direction heading further out to...somewhere? The old salt came with them, mostly to make sure they got back okay after their fright.
The guy I'd been talking to finished suiting up to go in their replacement while someone described what they should be looking for. That if he was dead, he'd probably be dead in a somewhat seated position, kind of folded in half. That, combined with the swirling white tides and the white diving suit might make him hard to see.
As that was being explained to us, I suddenly realized what happened to the diver and I wasn't the only one. I exchanged a knowing look with someone and instantly we sprang into action, arresting the scientist and placing him in a secured car to bring him to base to stand trial. Somewhere in there, someone brought us the confirmation. A file stating that this wasn't the first diver lost studying an anomaly like this, and that there was a bad blood between the scientist and the diver from the last time they'd worked together, some ten years prior.
By now the dead diver's wife (and we had no doubts, even without a body that he was dead) was there and someone broke the news to her. She screamed and screamed and then started crying.
I went over to talk to the kids, now three boys, no girls. I asked them what they wanted me to tell them.
They asked if their father was alive.
What happened?
"I could tell you it was a freak accident," I replied. The youngest boy seized on that explanation. "Yeah. I watch football! I understand freak accidents. They happen all the time. Someone lands wrong and boom." He goes off sort of happily to be with his mother. I don't blame him. He has an explanation he can live with.
The other two boys are staring at me, expectant. "Your father was deliberately murdered." I say without further preamble. "He wasn't sent in there to study the anomaly, he was sent to create it. He carried was amounted to a large refrigeration unit and and a bunch of magnets. In that environment, it caused the explosion that created the anomaly. The scientist had done it one before, presumably accidentally, but that anomaly had eventually closed and he needed to create another one. He chose your dad because they'd had a fight on the last job they worked together and he didn't like him and needed someone he could sacrifice. He will stand trial in a military court for murder. Now here's what I need from you. You can't waste your life seeking revenge for this. Your father's murderer will be punished. He may or may not be killed. He was certainly be discredited, go to prison and his career is finished. Let that be enough for you. Your lives should be spent honouring your father and living well, living good lives as he would have wanted."
"You don't know our dad." one of them said, "How do you know what he wanted?"
"I've spent all afternoon with you. You're intelligent and you've been raised well. I know your father through that, and your entire lives you will be showing what kind of person your father was by the actions you do and the lives you lead."
"What about our brother. Do we tell him?"
"I would say 'yes, but not yet.'" I replied. "He was happy to find it was an accident. That's an explanation he can live with. In a few years, maybe you can tell him. Use your judgement."
"And our mom."
"Honestly, I don't know what they told her. Certainly you can tell her what I've told you, but I don't know if she knows it or not. We'll take care of her. She'll get your dad's death benefits and full military pension. I doubt if the military will admit responsibility in your father's death, but they'll certainly assume financial responsibility for you and your mother. If there's ever any problems, if you ever need anything, even just to talk about your dad to someone who knows what happened, here's my card." I wished at that point I could say something about their dad like how he was a good man or something, but I couldn't, because they were right. I didn't know him at all. Had never even spoken to him. But I felt a responsibility to his kids because I was there.
We walked over towards their mother and I woke up.
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