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Nat update

Some things dad reminded that I forgot to blog.
The open sores on Nat's bottom from the intestinal infection have closed up which is a huge relief to all concerned.

They did an MRI on Nat day before yesterday and 3 out of 4 doctors thought the MRI looked great. [We won't get into what the other doctor thought]
He had a CAT scan yesterday and that looked great lending further credence to the idea that what the other doctor thought was wrong.

The bacteria that caused the pneumonia are all dead, and now it's just a question of making sure the fluid buildup drains properly. They're moving Nat perodically so the fluid can't settle in his lungs.

He has some fungal infections that they can't really do anything about until the pneumonia has been knocked out.

Sissy has decided to live at the Ronald McDonald house for the duration to make sure that even when Nat isn't the hospital, he's close enough to get there without a 40 minute ride which feels like hours with a sick kid. I can totally understand it. Racing a sick kid to the hospital in the middle of the night is the stuff of nightmares and the kind of thing you relive over and over again. Brrrrr.
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