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A post about yesterday and today

Last night, as I was heading to bed, I said to hoppie that I hoped I'd sleep better than I had the night before.
Hoppie: Me too.
Me: Oh, you slept poorly last night too?
Hoppie: Someone woke me up at 3:30 in the morning complaining about a bad dream.
Me: It was not 3:30.
Hoppie: 5:30?
Me: 7:30.
Hoppie: They all look the same. I didn't get to bed until 3:30. Not that you shouldn't wake me.
Me: Of course.
Hoppie: If you have a bad dream, I want you to wake me so I can listen to you or hold you or whatever you need.
Me: I understand.
Hoppie: I would just prefer that you not have bad dreams at all.
Me: Me too.
Hoppie: Goodnight, love.
Me: Goodnight, love.

Well, I finally learned how to use "filter" on this Palm program I have. I've only had it for 4 years. No rush on that. (It might not have been there the whole time. It's hard to tell.)
I have a lot to say, but not nearly enough time to say it in.
I did not have nightmares last night. I had a dream in which there was a lot of Hebrew being thrown around.

First we were in my parents kitchen reading Hebrew and milling about, a bunch of us including my aunt. And then we were in my bedroom getting dressed and milling about. We were supposed to be somewhere (like school or work) and it was 2:00 in the afternoon and we hadn't left the house yet. And the Israeli girl was asking Robin (not Robinthemidwife, or Robintheothermidwife, the other Robin) if she knew the song, "Al Kol Ayleh.".(Hebrew lyrics Robin didn't, but I did. So I started singing the chorus. And one of the other girls in the room did as well. But we both missed a word (waking mind realizes that if I didn't know it, she probably didn't either.) We had a bit of a laugh about both learning the song at the same place.
Tags: dream, electronics, hoppie, quiz

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