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After 10 and Before 10

It's never good news when the phone rings before 10:00. Never. Sometimes it's not awful news, but it's never good news. Good news, people feel, can wait.
Actually, I did get good news once at 2:AM. That's where I fell in the birth announcement rotation.

I'm stalling. Nat is doing very poorly and right now isn't expected to make it. His kidneys are failing from a disease my dad couldn't pronounce or maybe remember. That's kind of a blur actually.

They put him on dialysis, but his heart can't take the strain and they had to take him off after 4 hours. They don't know what they do for him. Please pray for whatever you believe in, will to live, divine intervention, whatever works for you.

My parents are heading down. I don't know what hoppie and I are doing yet. I'll know after my 9:15 meeting.

I'm wearing bright pink in an effort to be optimistic.
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