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Back home

I'm not sure what to talk about. There's a quote from a Muppet retrospective that sums it up perfectly.

Kermit: And then there are those times when we're not funny.
Robin: Yeah, but I always figure that's the writers' fault.
Kermit: No, they're the times when we're not trying to be funny.
---it then segways into a clip of the Muppets doing "For What It's Worth" as a conservation song ---

That's where I am. I'm not trying to be amusing.

The song that's on the mp3 player now is one I sang to Asher. Asher loves being sung to or watched or spoken to. He's about a half step from crawling, talking, and getting teeth. He's just on the cusp of moving from baby to toddler. Well, maybe not just, but very close. I see a lot of potential for mischief in him for all that he's so good now. He's a happy baby, loves to smile, and talk, and be with people.

I do have some goofy stories to tell from the week.

So we're on our way to the cemetery. I'm sitting in the back with my mother and grandmother. Hoppie and dad and sitting in the front seat. My mother looks at me and says, "You should use head and shoulders a bit."
"You've got a little bit of dandruff."
Like I have nothing else to worry about and and I have to fret about this.

And I know what the problem is, I have a skin allergy to citrus. Really, it's just that my skin is sensitive and the citrus is so harsh it burns my skin. I know it sounds crazy, but it's one of those things you just live with and people live quite happily with many worse problems, and it's pretty easy to guard against. I don't buy shampoos or soaps that contain citrus (easier now that it was at one point in the 90s where it seemed like everyone was throwing citrus into every cleaning supply imaginable, and why not, it's a great cleaner), and if I use other cleaners that contain citrus for cleaning things that aren't me, I use gloves. Anyway, I didn't pack shampoo because I don't have any small bottles and I didn't want to take a big one. So I decided to use the hotel's even though it was citrus-based because I was desperate to clean my hair. I thought if I got it off fast enough, it wouldn't burn my scalp, and I guess I got it off fast enough to not feel the burn, but not fast enough to prevent it from eating into my flesh.
But honestly. Is that the thing you tell your daughter on such an occasion?
If you ever, god forbid, find yourself in a situation, wait until later to tell her, okay? Just trust me.

I know I owe some major thank yous. I've just sort of run out of day to make them. Off the top of my head:
Janice and Helen for helping with plane flights.
Elaine, Robin, Lori, and April for helping with transportation not involving a plane flight.
Matt for possibly the sweetest and most comforting thing that's ever been said.
And everyone else (insert YOUR name here) for all your comfort and support.
And now I really must go. More thank you laters.

(I wrote the bulk of this post at like 9:30 while doing some setup on the machine. The last paragraph at 2:55.)
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