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If the rant at the end gets too personal, let me know and I'll remove it or friends-lock

Can I skip the song that was playing when I started this meme since it tells you explictly to start? That was Heart's "Alone" No, no, that seems wrong.

1) Love
Heart "Alone"

2) Wealth
Dennis DeYoung "Gravity"
(I think that's a what goes around comes around comment? At least I would if I believed in predictive indicators, which I don't.)

3) Romance/Sex
Robert Palmer "Simply Irresistible"
(Although this one is kind of funny. What is the difference between 1 and 3, though?)

4) Friends
Chris Ligon "Crazy Dazy"
(Ironically a song about a friends, of a sort...)

5) Parents/Children/Family
Styx "Babe"
(okay, this is getting a little creepy, actually.)

6) Career/Education
Gothic Archies "Shipwrecked"

7) Vacation/Travel
The Moody Blues "The Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday)"

8) House/Apartment/Residence
Air Supply "Sweet Dreams" (That would have been better for #9)

9) Car/Bike/Train/Transportation
Barenaked Ladies "One Week"

10) Health
Walt Disney's "Zorro" title theme song, sung by Sgt. Demetrio Lopez Garcia

It's less creepy now. 8-)
In case you were wondering what could have been, the next song was "Part Time Lover" by Stevie Wonder, so I think I made the right decision counting Heart as #1.

Reading back through your lj posts. Did anything good happen the week before last?

Friend's uncle died.
My brother's son died.
Friend's grandmother died.
Cousin lost her job and is battling cancer.
Cousin had surgery on her eye. She's having pre-detached retinal problems. (Potential for non-suckitude here)
Friend got early results that her baby might have Downs Syndrome (it's not a very reliable test, so that's still a viable possibly possibility for non-suckitutude, but it doesn't mitigate the rough subsequent week for her.)

Did I miss anything?

Livejournal is very broken. I'm starting to think the defectors have a good idea. But I'd hate to start over.
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