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Stranger to humour

One of my coworkers recommended Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It's out of print, which saves me the trouble of figuring out whether I want to read it.

When we went out with Bunny to the Big Book of Jewish Humor book signing, she was pretty scathing in her thoughts on it. And truthfully, I'm inclined to agree. Sometimes things don't make sense, and I'm not going to find much comfort in an afterlife I can't share in right now. Gone is gone to me. It's worse than moving to DC, because if you're in DC, chances are I might see you once in awhile, maybe not as much as when you lived 20 minutes away, but still, there's a chance. It's very little comfort to me to know I'll see my loved ones again after 120 years (gw) in heaven.

Anyway that isn't what this post is about.

I was going to talk about William Novak and Moshe Waldoks, who do not live in DC or in heaven, but rather here on Earth, and in MA. They talked about their book, told jokes, and answered questions as the Newton Library this week and then cheerfully and gladly signed all three of our books. (My old copy, hoppie's new copy, and a copy for Sissy and Brian, really it's for Sissy, she appreciates these things more.)

I don't know what to get the menfolk for Channukah at all. Which is pathetic because Channukah starts tomorrow night. I also should find my mother's earrings, wherever they got to. We're going to KY tonight. My brother and Sissy and the baby are going to be there. My aunt is coming in tomorrow as well with my cousin. It will be a lot of family and it will be good. I, of course, have to work tomorrow.
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