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Don't say you're easy on me, you're about as easy as a nuclear war

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There were video games in my dreams last night. In one dream I bought hoppie an atari paddle control thing with the built in games in a set I hadn't seen before. I was sitting next to hoppie. On my other side was Delia. She was sitting at the end of the table. Next to her was Jason, and next to him was Chip. Next to Hoppie was Stacey. Jason had an Atari controller with normal games built in like asteroids and missile command. Delia had a similar paddle controller but hers was yellow and green and girly and had a bunch of Japanese games on it. They plugged all their units into this docking station that Jason had. It was grey and had a central screen to play the games, and slots for four paddles, one on each side. Delia, Jason, and Hoppie all plugged into this docking station and started playing one of the games on hoppie's controller. Very cool indeed.

Lanna just asked me throw her a coconut bone to help her get through the end of release. I was feeling bad until I realized, I DO have coconut bones. I have chick-o-sticks! SQUEEEEE!!!!! Of course, I don't think she likes them, but I'm greatful for the frickin' bone.
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