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Another strange dream

I changed personas during the dream and about midway through the dream I realized a) it was a dream and b) it was one I'd had before and I knew how it would end.
At the beginning I was a scientist in my own right, hanging out with these two other cerebral types; a physics professor and a mathematics professor. I think I was more into the softer sciences (and before you ask they did not look like Charlie and Larry from Numb3rs). We gathered what we could from the university and started travelling to gather up people, help where we could, and start building community again. (How many books does this sound like? To Your Scattered Bodies, Go and The Stand...etc.)

Among the people we picked up was this swarthy, shy, girl who I assumed based on dress and appearance was Muslim, although we didn't really talk religion. We did talk about other things, being the only two girls in the group. The group we were with were gentleman, and I think I rather fancied one of the guys, although post-dream me doesn't remember which, but they were not the forcing themselves on defenceless women types, which was wonderful.

Anyway, as these things happen, our little band of 20+ was "caught" by a fierce warlord type with a policy of distributing the women to his men as a way to reward loyalty. We were standing in the audience room with the rest of our party and the shy woman said to me that she thought the warlord was handsome and impressive. It was obvious that she fancied him. He called us women out to stand in front of him while he announced that we would distributed to our men in the upcoming weeks. (I think there was some great demonstration of loyalty to determine to what man we'd be given) when I wasn't the scientist woman anymore, I was the shy one. And it was equally obvious that the warlord fancied me, although he couldn't because the tradition was that he distribute the women. Keeping one for himself would have been a huge breech of etiquette. When I left his presence, I made sure that my long flowing robes brushed against him. I wanted him to want me. I wanted him for myself, even though I knew it was wrong.

We were removed to a sort of harem, I say that because I think it was all women. The scientist friend tried to talk me out of my plan, but I was resolute. I would have him. He called for me. I adjusted my robes to the purest aspect. I had no veil, so I couldn't cover myself, but I kept my eyes cast down and did not look directly at anyone. Then I was before him. I prostrated myself before him. He raised me to sit on my knees. I looked down at his feet. He was practically drooling. He told me how becoming I was in my traditional garb and how well modesty became me. He asked if the men had been so presumptuous as to force their attentions on me.

I explained the men were weak men of science who permitted women extraordinary freedoms, including the ability to choose their own mates. I implied that I welcomed his strength and his resolve. They removed me. A man was impertinent with me, claiming that I should be his, and the warlord had no right to call me to his side. I ignored him, eyes downcast, pretending a humility I didn't feel, because I'd remembered who I was and what I was doing, and I knew how the story would end because I'd dreamed this dream before. My name was Aviva (Spring), and I was Israeli, Jewish, and I my complete purpose was to seduce the warlord with my modesty, entice him to claim me for his own and in so doing, undermine and destroy his own empire. I wanted to smile. To feel my power, but there would be time enough for that later. For now, not even a hint of anything but shy, retiring, modesty.

My time would come.
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