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Scream and run away

Hoppie has been productive and industrious with his time off.
He's done a number of bills. He's set up high speed internet and a wireless router and he's made a foray into cleaning the fridge. For that alone, he should praised to the skies.

I did a little bit of counting beads and ooooooh, the sparklies. Intoxicating is the only word for looking at a couple gross of Swarovski crystals in various shades of pink.

I made 1.5 pairs of dragonfly earrings. The one pair is a lovely pink and blue set with the vintage rose crystal. The vintage rose looks incredible in this application. I was lukewarm on it until I used it in this. It's stunning and so delicate. The half uses silver shade crystal with purple AB daggers and seed beads. It's a much more mature subdued look. Still attractive, but very different.
Tags: chores, crafts, hoppie

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