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Friday HP 5

1. Can Muggles brew Potions?
No. I think Wizards infuse some of their magic into the potions. Otherwise muggle families with wizarding sibs would make moving pictures, and squibs would always be able to fall back on potion making. In fact, wasn't potion making one of the high-lights of the Qwikspell course?

2. If you were in the Order of the Phoenix, what would your security question be? (ie: of Mollywobbles/airplanes fame)
Hoppie's blog "name".

3. If Kreacher, Dobby, and Winky got in a fight, who would win?
Dobby. Kreacher would fight dirty, but Dobby would fight harder and ultimately prevail.

4. What form would your patronus take? Why?
White tiger. Because of this dream I had.

5. How many times have you read each book?
The last two, 1 each. Because they were awful.
The first three, innumerable times.
The fourth one, probably about 6-7 times.
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