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Spam, Spam, vacation and spam

So I can't log in to my email account via the web because there's too much mail in my inbox and it keeps timing out. One guess what's caused that. My sysadmin offered to delete all my mail for me, but, unfortunately, some minor percentage of it isn't spam, and I need that. Yes, I have spam assassin on, it catches most of it, but I still get over 300 spams a day. You spammers, none of whom actually read this lj, or they'd be smart enough to know the errot of ways and STOP IT, all suck.
Meanwhile, I'm loving listening to my voice. It sounds gravelly, like I've been sucking on rocks. I want to caress the words coming out of my mouth with my tongue so they'll linger in the air longer and I can continue to listen to them. Unfortunately, my voice is scaring everyone around me off, so I have no excuse to keep talking. When maybe when Wayne gets my email and comes to see if I can tame my Mozilla, I can chatter lingeringly and mindlessly at him, just to hear the sound of my voice.
Tags: chores

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