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More strange dreams

In dream number 1: I was at a baseball game with my in-laws. It claimed to be many contradictory things. First it was sort of understood that we were at Fenway, but it didn't look like Fenway. I loved the seats in the dream, but from an objective perspective, they were terrible. Completely obstructed. We were sitting next to a large wall that blocked our view completely to the right. To the left were the stands, and directly in front of us was the batter's box. Behind the batter's box was more bleachers, so the catcher and the batter were the only parts of the game we could see. Probably a bit down the third base line as we were sitting by the first base line, but far enough back that we couldn't see first, or even much of the line.

In pluses though, I did catch two foul balls. The first one landed in the aisle and I fought with a beefy guy for it. It was red. I don't remember if they all were. I remember wondering if it was some type of promotion - Red Sox playing with red balls. The second one, I let him take. He offered it to me, but I declined. The third one went into the stands over our heads (up the wall, then bounced down. I got it and gave it to hoppie's younger sister.
We were talking during the game about how it odd it was that we were playing interleague play so soon in the season, since it was apparently opening day and apparently my brain having realized that it was definitely NOT Fenway park, decided to turn into another park. I didn't catch who the other team was, though: Philies or Padres, I think. A P team, although not the Pirates.

In this dream, which I don't remember much of, I had to document the Indy/NE game last night. Guh. It was horrible. Definitely a nightmare. Woke up with my head throbbing. For some reason I worked for the Colts in their PR department and I was doing the press release. Only I was too personally depressed about it to get up much enthusiam. I just kept wondering why I continued to work there. The only thing I really remember is a big room with lots of varnished wood panelling. It was supposed to be a bar, I think, or a club, but it was such light colored wood and I normally associate bars with darker woods. It was more gymnasium coloured.

I think the single most amusing thing about this dream was how I expected a room to not be there because it only shows up in dream versions of the house and since this wasn't a dream version of the house, it shouldn't be there. Obviously it was there because, duh, it was a dream. The dream involved me removing stuff from the driveway and the hill leading to the swamp and replacing in the house where it should have been. There was tons of stuff, there was food, clothing, toys, all kinds of things. I didn't remove everything in the swamp, there were still a lot of toys I left down there, although I did get most of the stuff on the hill. And put it in the mudroom (which we don't have), the downstairs kitchen (which we don't have), and the banquet room, which was the room I thought wouldn't show up, but of course did. I remember vividly peeling frozen and wet socks off the driveway. That was a horrible dream too. Darned headache.

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