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Pictures from the trip

Since I don't have internet access at the moment, this laptop won't play DVDs and I don't feel like going back to the sitting room to steal my dad's DVD player, it seems like a good time to blog a bit. Also since I'm using my laptop as a charge through for my Palm, it's a good thing for me to keep it active for awhile.

MeeMaw is watching American Idol, which is a pretty vile show. But that's neither here nor there.

We spent today in Tampa visiting with my cousins, Cousin Ceil Lee, Connie and Gerri Lee. I actually love spending time with them. Gerri is an English teacher and she always has great stories. And Connie and I, in retrospect, I have no idea what we have in common (aside from a wry amusement with her daughter, Kels), but we always find tons to talk about. This was the first chance they've had to meet Sissy and Asher since when we went last trip, Ash was only a few days old (like 10) and Sissy wasn't really up for travel.

Asher is teething, poor guy, but he's bearing up pretty well under the pain. He was grousing a little bit before I got here, and some today, but he was a treasure when we got to play with him yesterday and the day before.

Mom and Sissy snuck out Tuesday evening and Mom says they had the best conversation they've ever had in the car on the way to their house. She says she really feels like she understands her, and has a huge amount of respect and admiration for Sissy, and what she's going through. She didn't really detail the conversation (and I wouldn't expect her too, it being, you know, a private conversation), but it's a huge relief to hear.

Family is driving me a bit crazy. Meemaw begins every sentence, "You don't have to..." or "I don't need to..." whenever she wants something . When you ask her to confirm that you heard her correctly, she responds with, "I don't need it!" Which is singularly unhelpful. Hoppie is probably laughing his ass off somewhere. I do things like that. Not as often, though. Not nearly as often. I think I've heard it 30 times today, and I'm not even exaggerating for once.

Let's see, what else, trip down was good. Asher clawed my face a little bit, and actually it still hurts. Apparently Asher loves American Idol. He dances for the people who can sing and ignores the ones who can't. Sissy says it's adorable.

It's weird being out of contact with people. This place has limited internet access, and today we gave my mother my phone so I didn't even have that. Sissy laughed at me and said I could borrow her phone if I needed to let hoppie know I didn't have my phone, like that was the point.

I actually missed a "dead cat" call from Janice. We have this thing where if any of us disappear for too long, the other one will call...just to make sure we're not found dead in our homes with our cats eating at us. Not that either of us have cats, but the idea is sound.

MeeMaw wakes up about every 3 hours or so and starts talking to me. Now I know how hoppie feels when I wake him up to tell him my dreams. Actually this whole trip has been an extended lesson in karma. Anyway, Dad and I are fixin' to log in the morning, so I'll post this then.
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