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As I seem to be...Disney

boycotting anything that seems the slightest bit productive, I'll post my travelogues now.
Creativity was not high on my list, so expect the highest per capita "Then" count imaginable.

Downtown Disney

So we had an uneventful trip. We checked into the hotel, toured around a bit (read: had no clue where we were going) and dropped our luggage off at the room.
We then caught a bus hoping to go to Downtown Disney, but ended up on a bus to MGM. We took a bus from there to the transportation center. Then we took a monorail to the Polynesian resort (first on the list), and caught a bus to Dowtown Disney. It was a long wait for the bus because there had been some type of accident near downtown disney and they were routing around it.
We went into the marketplace, went to the swim shop, didn't find anything that either of us wanted, so we had ice cream at Ghiradeli's. Hoppie had a chcolate shake and we shared a strawberry cheesecake ice cream.
Then we wanted around and through Pleasure Island to Bongos Cuban Cafe. Hoppie had ground beef and olive stuffing inside fried potato balls for app, and cuban bisteca empanizado (fried steak) and plantains and rice and beans. I had mahi mahi with yukaa and sweet fried plantains and fried green plantains. It was delicious.
Afterwards we decided we were tired so we went back to the hotel. We watched a little TV and went to sleep.

10/26/03 - Pool and Magic Kingdom

Hoppie slept late so I went and sat out by the pool. The pool was great. The water slide is neat. Then I wandered around the back of the hotel. and saw a stand where they do hair wraps. I met a woman from Virginia who was waiting for her daugther. Then I went to wake up hoppie.
Hoppie and I then went to the magic kingdom. First we went to the Metropolitan Science Centre.where Timekeeper (Robin Willianms) and 9Eye (Rhea Perleman) took us to the past to see dinosaurs, the ice age, and and the French world science expo where we picked up Jules Verne and brought him the future and gave him a brief, dizzying tour. Then we went forward into the future and it was vaguely Jetsonish. Then we returned him and came back to the present. Then hoppie got a frozen coke and I got some water and we went through Cinderella's castle, admired the frescos. Went on Snow White's Scary Adventure which was definitely more appealing when I was younger and then went to Mikey's Philharmagic 3D show. It was great. Goofy (never seen) stage manages and provides directions. Mikey is getting ready to conduct, but Donald is still sleeping in a box with the orchestra. He wakes up and starts wrestling with the conductor's baton which flies out at you, and then he wanders on a magical journey following the sorcerer's hat. Ultimately he comes back and Mikey's conducts Mickey Mouse Club theme for a moment. Then we went on It's a Small World. Then we went to see The Sword in the Stone show. Merlin picked a big strapping young man, Onan, but he couldn't pull the sword, so he picked an itty bitty girl and she was able to do it. Then we stopped at a small cafe in Liberty Sq. where hoppie got a cappachino float and I got, suprise, another water. We then watched the Cinderella Surprise show, and picked up fast passes for Peter Pan. Then we redeemed our Winny the Pooh fast passes and went on ride through the 100 acre woods. Then we went to Ariel's grotto and ran into an English family. Then we headed to the haunted mansion and got a fast pass. then we went to the liberty tavern for dinner. We had dinner with Minny, Chip, Dale, Pluto and Miko. It was really fun. The food was family style Colonial food. Salad and rolls for apps, and turkey, ham, and roast beef for dinner, along with mashed potatoes, green beans sauted in garlic source, macaroni and cheese, and cherry cobler for desert. (you can probably guess which pieces I ate, but I did not have water, I had birch beer. I HEART birch beer, and this was surprising good. It's a Coke product (of course) Our waiter, Mark also got us a new fast pass for the haunted mansion as ours had expired. As we were leaving the restaurant, we stopped at the front porch because there was a parade just starting. So I sat on the porch and rocked and hoppie stood next to me to wtach the parade. Next to us was the English family from Ariel's.
Then we went to Peter Pan and flew through the story. Then we went to the haunted mansion and from here on in, there were very small lines: We did the haunted mansion which has a parlor before the main ride. Then we went to Splash Mountain, which rocked. Then we went to Pirates of the Caribbean (we did not get wet on that one). Then went on the Jungle Cruise. Then we got another glass of water, wandered through the shops, played an old-time baseball pinball game (and ran into the English family again) and headed back to the hotel, the wrong way. We took the monorail to the transportation center, then back, and then waited for a bus back to the hotel. The first bus filled up, but we got a space on the second. Then we stopped in the lounge for a few minutes and then got drinks and headed back to the room.

10/26/03 - Epcot

We got off to an earlier start today, hoppie got up at 10. We headed to Epcot around 11.
We went to Innovations East because Spaceship Earth had a huge line. We each made a piece of paper and learned about trees, played a few games ad did some science expermients with shatter tests, and jumping to open a door, and sent ourselves a postcard, which I'll put on the web.Then we got lost and ended up near the fountain watching a blue-man group clone, the Kristos, contort gracefully. It was really impressive. Then we headed to Mission:Space. It was the only thing with a really long line, about 30 minutes (the sign read 60, so we were thinking ourselves lucky, so far), but we'd decided to do it quickly rather than get a fastpass so that we could have lunch because VR rides always make really disoriented and dizzy, even though I like them. There were many disclaimers about what the ride was like which really served to make me nervous. I was breaking out in cold sweats. Hoppie was concerned, but I assured him I was fine. Our corridor of machines was offline, so we had to wait while they rerouted us to the gold corridor. In the original, hoppie was the navigator originally, and I was the pilot, but when we switched, he became the engineer and I was the commander. They're pretty insignificant roles, just press the button when you're told. Hoppie thought it was a way to make sure all the people in the capsule are alright, and keep us engaged. Taking off was dizzying. I felt very light-headed and a bit like my face was being pulled backwards (so this is what a face lift is like!). We flew up through the clouds and out into space. Once we were up, I was much better. We passed the space station, and did a slingshot manouver that lined us up to land on Mars. We tried to land, but we missed out landing point and ended up flying further and barely avoiding falling down a cliff. Gary Sinese narrated. Hoppie said yesterday that recognizing the voices distracted from the Timekeeper, but it didn't really bother me the, but Gary Sinese is always a distraction, in a good way. We sent ourselves another postcard and hoppie played with a space simulator. We also bought some postcards.
After that we went to Mexico to have lunch. On the way, we stopped off and got drinks at the Florida wine showcase booth: I got a strawberry blush wine, and hoppie got a frozen grapefruit slush. Then we went to the Mexican restaurant and I had a salad and he had nachos.
Then we went back into epcot proper and did Starship Earth which had no line. It's a romp through the history of communication. It was fun. Then we went into the AT&T pavillion wher we did really terrible matching German idioms to English, but much better with Japanese. Then we helped Alice find Dinah through the interactive voice activated Television.
Then we went into Epcot to go to a wine tasting which was touted as question/answer session with a winemaker, but we couldn't find it and by the time we did, they wouldn't let us in.
So we took the ferryboat to Canada, walked back over to Mexico, and did the Mexican through history ride. It was relatively unexciting. It's a small world without much cohesion. Then we did Maelstom, a trip through Norway's history which was much better done. They had trolls! Then we watched a short movie, which used an unclear vehicle to move the story along, a small boy looking at a museum.
Then we took the ferryboat back to Morroco to pick up the Scotch tasting. Yum. Behold my notes!

Casper MacRae - Scotch from Macallan Distillery
Scotch is any whiskey made in Scotland
95 or so distilleries in Scotland.
32 bottles of Scotch drunk every second around the world..
30 are *blended - grain whiskey+whiskeys from distilleries
We tried to blended Scotches
Famous Grouse Finest (most popular in Scotland 1 in 4 bottles sold is this)
Famous Grouse Gold Reserve
And two single malts:
Macallan 12 yr
Macallen Cask strength
Lowland has undistingished whiskey
Islay (ayla) is where the whiskey freaks hang out. 8 distilleries whiskey has a smokey taste
The other Islands are less smoky
50 distilleries in Spetside in the Highlands.
Darker color w/ woody flavors
Gets barrels from Spanish Oak trees
querus robus. 10,000/year. Then sundried for 2 years
Sherry makers use the barrels.
Malted barley (soaked in water, dried for a week on stone floor)
dry w/ hot air or peat smoke which gives it the smoky flavor
grind barley, mix w/ hot water & drain off sweet water, Add yeast to make beer. Then distill that twice. Macallan keeps 16% of its still.
Sits in warehouse for years in same cask. Loses 2% of alcohol/year.
Whiskey maker choses 100 casks to meld the flavors together to present a uniform taste.
Color : single malts are darker
light - from Bourbon darker- sherry
Smell: add water to release aroma
apple lemon floral oily - linseed malty toffee wood resins & spices nutty peaty
Famous grouse - pretty good, smooth
Gold reserve - also good
Macallen 12 yr old - yum!
Cask strength - too much for me. Hoppie liked.

Then we went to the English garden to watch Illumiations. It was nifty. Very, very beautiful. Not easy to globe, but still lovely. Then we wandered slowly out, doing some shopping, picking up a couple bottles of wine before heading back to the hotel.

10/27/03 -Animal Kingdom

We got up early and crowded into a bus headed for Animal Kingdom. We zoomed through the park entrance, and headed to the safari first, stopping only to get drinks, as the day was wicked hot even at 8:30. I got a water and hoppie got a frozen coffee. The line for the safari was already long (not unexpectedly) so we got a fast pass and went into the Africa forest "Pagani". We took many pictures and saw, among other things, a family of gorillas, hippopotumus, gazelles that stand on their hind legs to pluck leaves from the trees and meercats. Then we went on the safari and saw lions, elephants, and many other things. (We have pictures, I don't have to remember it all!). Then we took the Wildlife express train (past a rinocerous) to Rafiki's Planet Watch, where there was a petting zoo, conservation station, and another walking trail through a butterfly garden and many interesting plants I can't identify.
Then we had lunch at one of the restaurants in Africa: I had salmon, rice and green beans, and hoppie had a turkey wrap, corn chowder and grapes.
Then we wandered through some of the discovery island trails looking at the birds and animals and a giant turtle. Then we headed over to Camp Minnie-Mickey and saw the Lion King show. It was a lovely pagant of acrobatics (people), including a flying bird of paradise, tumbling monkeys with parallel bars and rings, music, fire, and talking animatronic floats. We were in the lion section, so we dutifully roared on cue and did our hand jives when told. Afterwards we went to get some frozen lemonaid.
Then we went to see more on the Island trails, but the otter wasn't out. Then we saw "It's Tough to be a Bug" a 3-D and smellovision presentation featuring many bugs and an attack by dragonflies.
Then we went to Asia. First we saw the Flights of Wonder show, a showcase of North American birds. The line for the Kali River Rapids ride was too long, so we went into the Asian jungle and saw tigers, bats, and many birds and fish. We were looking at one bird, and the guide told us that was their biogenetic marvel, the world's largest red-headed woodpecker, bred right there. Turned out to be a crane. 8-) Then the line for the river rapids had dwindled to nothing, so we went on. I got pretty wet, hoppie less so. His clothing was dry before we got back to the hotel, mine still isn't (it's morning). Then we passed the parade, on our way to dinoworld, but we decided we didn't really want to do that at the moment, so we went back to the hotel. We got some boxers for me to wear to swim on the way out, and picked up some swim trunks at the hotel for hoppie, and went out to the main pool and swam for an hour or so after a round of drinks by the pool. Then we came back to the room, lazed around until we got off our butts to head to dinner. Then had dinner in the hotel dining room. They gave us a free chocolate cake on account of it being our honeymoon. That was sweet. Then we came back to the hotel room and went to sleep.

10/28/03 - MGM

So we got up early again and waited for the MGM bus. We got to MGM shortly before 9. First we got fast passes to Indiana Jones: Epic Stunt Spectacular, then we went to check on the line for StarTours. It wasn't that long, so we got in it. We wandered through the lobby of Star Tours which advertised a number of flights to various places, and had Animatronic C3P0 and R2D2 units doing repair work and chatting, and then into work area 2 which had an R2D4 unit and other robots fixing stuff. It was another VR ride this time to Endor's moon, but our pilot was new and headed through the maintenace bay out and then took us to lightspeed and accidentally passed Endor and ended up in the middle of the second Death Star battle. We helped cover the attack run and cleared back to base.
Then we went to see Indiana Jones. It was much as I remembered and hoppie thought it was cool too. He thought we could have done it better closer to center stage, and some of the speaking wasn't as clear as he would have liked.
Then we went to see the Drew Carey "Sounds Dangerous" sound show. It was funny. Afterwards there was a sound workshop where we were able to create various sound effects. My favorite was one dubbing our voices into Roger Rabbit, "All the times I yanked yer ears," but there was another audio sensory experience in the sound booth, and I also enjoyed making the noise of the hoofs in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with coconut shells.
After that, we went to lunch in the Sci-fi drive in. We were in the front of the car. I had a salad, and hoppie had a steak sandwitch. We split and order of onion rings, and two shakes. Movies and cartoons and old time commercials played while we ate.
After we ate, we went to Muppets 3D. We were a little late getting in, so hoppie wanted to do it again, but we didn't get around to it. Statler and Waldorf were puppets in their usual spot in the balcony. Bunsen Honeydo and Beaker invented the 3D vision they were using, and Miss Piggy and Sam the Eagle both had musical numbers. It was okay. Not as good as Captain EO in my mind or as good as Philharmagic. Hoppie thought it was quite cool and that Statler and Waldorf should have done more. I think their roles were about typical of their Muppet Show roles, and I impressed at how decently they were scripted.
After we left there, we got a fast pass to "Who wants to be Millionaire" and took the backlot studio tour which was pretty neat. There were many props and promos for the new Disney movies coming out, and the canyon set which features fire and water.
Who wants to be a millionaire had us doing a fast finger question to determine who would be first in the hot seat, then had us answer along with her to determine who was next. They took two people both of whom ended up at 1,000.
Then we headed over to the Tower of Tower, but the line was over an hour wait and no fast passes available. So we got a fast pass for Aerosmith Rockin Rollercoaster and went to the Great Movie Ride. I liked the lobby tailers, but I thought the human element of the ride was silly. Hoppie thought it had a few unexpected turns and twists and was quite well done.
Then we went on the Rocking Roller Coaster which rocked, literally and figuratively. We wanted through the "music studio" and found aerosmith just finishing up a track before their concert. They felt bad about leaving us, so they asked us along. Their tour manager arranged for the fastest transportation she could, complete with aerosmith songs including "Walk This Way," "Young Love", and "Love in an Elevator". It was an indoor roller coaster and tons of fun. After that, we walked through Walt Disney: One Man's Dream exhibit and film which was fabulous: it included a multiplane camera, a number of models, including one of Jeremia's grandmother's house, all the castles of all the Disney parks, and a manipulatable robot, and a zorro costume and sword. Then we went to Fantasmic, a light and water show with Mickey facing The Wicked Queen and her minions of villains. The amazing thing was the projections from various movies and also some new footage just for this show. It was neat.
Then we came back to the hotel and ate in the food court 'cause I'd been feeling faint all day. Then we retired to the room and plotted the rest of our activites for the week.

10/29/03 - Epcot

So we got to Epcot just after 9 and headed to Innovations West. A team of people selected components for a machine and we collected treasure. Hoppie collected the most treasure. I was 5. Then we went into the perfect home theatre and ultimate home theature systems. They were amazing. I want it. Then we did some live/nature excersizes and wandered through the games rooms and proved to myself that i can't handle gamecube/nintendo type systems. Then we did "The Living Seas," which featured a movie about the sea, and then we headed downstairs in the hydrolater to Seabase Alpha, an underwater set of holding tanks. I watched "Illustrated Atlas of the World" while hoppie wandered through the exhibits slowly.
Then we went to The Land and saw a very funny show on Nutrition "Food Rocks" which featured a number of bad puns and parodies, like Pita Gabriel singing "Let me be your High Fiber," and the obvious 'Every Bite you Take" and many, many others. The line for the "Living with the Land" was really long, so we decided to have lunch in The Land pavillion and pick up some fast passes. Still having some time left when we finished lunch, we went to see the "The Circle of Life" a film about conservation with Simba, Timon and Pumba. Then we did "Living with the Land" where they showed different types of climate and boated us through the greenhouse showing us hydroponically growing plants (I remember those from when we were here with dad) and aeroponically grown, which I don't. They also told us about a greenhouse tour. I asked if they had more information about growing things aeroponically, and she said there were pamphlets with more information in the shop, but they were out of them. They did give us info on greenhouse tour times. We decided to think about it and headed to imagination.
First we took the Journey into Imagination which wasn't nearly as much fun as an adult. I remembered figmet as witty and adorable, and he seems to be annoyig and somewhat overdone. I didn't remember Eric Idle as the professor, and hoppie felt it was relatively recent look for him, so perhaps it was a different ride when we went. That's my hope anyway. Then we wondered through the imageworks lab and played with suff. Then we did the 3D movie, "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" which was lighthearted fun.
Then it was 10 minutes wanting to the greenhouse tour, so we decided to go for it. We toured the greenhouse for about an hour (see previous memo for notes) and it was great. As usual, between me and hoppie, we commanded about 70% of the questions. At least we warned Wayne what he was in for.

Controlling pests: Spray soap (or dish detergant) or vegetable oil
stack automatic watering
coconut fiber for fertilizer
picture #4079 is winter melon (wax gourd) - when the pictures are up
hyacinth beans (like purple snowpeas) hoppie wants

Then we headed over East side to pick up the attractions we missed. We went to Test Track first, and the line was hugely long, so we got a fastpass. Then we went to Wonders of Life and saw "A Goofy Look at Health" a montage of Goofy cartoons illustrating how to change your normal life into a healthy one. Then we did a VR ride into the body, blood stream, heart, lungs and brain. It was okay, but I'm getting less interested in VR rides by the day. Then we did Cranium Command, where we watched a young brain pilot try to get a 12 year old's brain functions coordinated and functioning. It was fun.
The we wandered through World Showcase sampling food on the way to Three Dog Night. We sampled Ireland, Spain and China. The we sat down and watched the show. They performed for about 45 minutes doing Joy to the World as their encore and including "Black and White", "Just an Old Fashioned Love Song" and other stuff I can't remember just now.
Then we headed back and did the Test Track. It was fun. We did a break test with and without ABS, and hot and cold tests, and then they opened it up on the track. I liked the speed part. Then we did this goofy VR ride through GMs ideas -> execution. The chairs moved side to side as we "followed" the narrarators and pressed our heads against the VR helmet. Then we left our legacy tiles at Epcot (should get a copy of the pic and the location in 3 weeks) and headed back to the hotel.

10/30/03 - Magic Kingdom 2

So we got another relatively early start & headed to the Magic Kingdow. First we headed to Tommorowland which we’d nearly totally skipped. First off we got a fastpass for Buzz Lightyear, but then we realized it was 3 or 4 hours away, so we got in line anyway. We didn’t know what to expect, but a ride through the neon shooting gallery was a welcome surprise, even if neither of us did particularly well (Hoppie did better than me). Then we tried to get a fastpass for Space Mountain, but it wouldn’t let us because we had the BL ones. So we got in line & rode the first & still the best indoor rollercoaster I can remember riding. Then we rode the Tommorowland Transit Authority train around Tommowland. Then we went on the Carousel of Progress where you move around a round theatre. It was interesting to note that 1900s & 1920s believed life couldn’t get better but 1960s & present both eagerly awaited the next cool thing. Then we squeesed into an Astro Orbiter (one of the things that go up). Then we did the Indy speedway. Either we combined to be too heavy or our car was defective because hoppie had a lot of problems controlling it. Then we had lunch @ the sandwitch shop across from the Speedway. I had a garden burger & hoppie had a bacon double cheeseburger which we then loaded with toppings from the toppings bar.
Then we went back to BL w/ our Fastpasses & improved our score, although hoppie still won. Then we went to Toontown. We rode Goofy’s Barnstormer rollercoaster & went through Minnie & Mickey’s country homes. Donald’s Boat, the "Miss Daisy," looked wet so we took the train from Toontown to Frontierland. We rafted over to Tom Sawyer’s Island, wandered around, played a game of checkers & wandered back. Then we went to the Country Bear Jamboree, The Tiki Room (under new & obnoxious mangement - Iago and Zazu. My mother will be so disappointed), checked in for the Halloween Party, & went to Goofy’s Country Hoedown.
Then we snuck in another go on "It’s A Small World" on our way to Tommowland to play for an hour before the park reopened. On our way, we strolled through the Rose Garden. We trick-or-treated, did BL again (hoppie did his best yet. I did worse) & Space Mountain then did Philharmagic again,trick or treating on the way, including getting some treats from the Queen of Hearts playing card army. Then we headed to Liberty Square for the parade & the retelling of the Legend of Sleepy Hallow. The parade featured many Disney Characters although most of them wore their usual outfits. The villains were "playing" rock music, Frollo had an electric guitar. Hoppie took some pics. Then we took a souvenier photo. Then we watched the fíreworks. Then we did the Hall of Presidents. Then the haunted cruise w/ The Lonesome Ghosts & Auntie Bellum. Then we trick-n-treated some more & rode Pirates of the Carribbean, took another complementary photo & went home. I still don't think hoppie's so much as cracked the wrapper on any of the swag he picked up.

10/31/03 - Animal Kingdom
We slept in a bit because we were both pretty zonked. My ex broken foot is in tons of pain. We made dinner reservations for our anniversary dinner @ Hollywood & Vine in MGM. We thought about trying for Victoria & Albert’s, but it just didn’t seem interesting enough. We tried to make reservations for the Polynesian show, but they were booked up.
Then we limped to the lobby to buy me an ace bandage. Then I went out & did the hair wrap thing. I picked purple & lavender for the wedding &, of course, pink & green. At the end is a string of purple & green beads. I haven’t looked @ it yet, but we have pictures. Then we went to Animal Kingdom. We rode the Primeval Whirl, a fun twisty rollercoaster, then went to Dinosaur which was not a VR ride, but rather a fun if oddly jarring rollercoaster through the end of jurassic period. MacDonalds single-handly funded this entire park area & they aren’t shy about saying so. Then we went to see Tarzan Rock! A rock extravaganza that nearly put me to sleep. It had rollerskating monkeys, a band, & tumblers & acrobats. Then hoppie found him a shirt & now he’s on the safari while I baby my aching foot.
Then we went to MGM & ate our buffet dinner @ Hollywood & Vine, diner style. After dinner it was nearly time for the park to close so we went home. Hoppie turned on Toon Disney & I fell asleep during The Black Cauldren.

11/1/03 - MGM 2

After a bit of a lie-in, we went to MGM. We got our Tower of Terror fastpasses (for 3 hours away) & went to Voyage of the Little Mermaid to get fast passes. While we were waiting, we got drinks & went to the haunted mansion movie set. They told us no drinking on the set so we tried (& failed) to get passes to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire & then went on the Haunted Mansion studio set tour. They had 1/3rd of the ballroom set, many props & a short movie showcasing the special effects, costumes, sets & cast of the movie. Then we went standby for Millionaire & got in. This caused us to miss our Little mermaid fp time. We got new fastpasses & hoppie got a frozen lemonaid which he had time to finish before the show. The holdinq pen had a number of interesting pseudoprops like Geppetto’s latern (found in monstro) & a mermaid seeking lantern. The mermaid show was great. Glowing blacklit fish puppets & animation combined w/a puppet Sebastianto sing the opening "Under the Sea" then a live-action Ariel sang "Part of Your World" (Which hoppie noted sounds a bit like "Somewhere that’s Green") then a vast Ursula puppet showed up to tradel Ariel’s voice. Then cartoons bridged the gap until the closing scene w/ live action Ariel & Eric washing up & King Triton giving Ariel legs & with his only line Eric expresses his joy & they live happilly ever after. Then we had lunch @ Rosie’s American Cafe. Hoppie had a cheeseburger & I had a vegetarian cheese burger. Then it was time for the Tower of Terriers. We checked into the abandoned Hollywood Tower Hotel, wandered past the concierge desk & check in desk into the library where we heard the Twilight Zone into & back story. Then we went through the boiler room to the service elevator. The elevator moved up, then down the hall following the vanished people & then, after some twists & turns it dropped, came back up and dropped a few more times. It was great fun. The neatest thing was times it seemed like we were headed down but I knew we were going up. Then hoppie rewatched Muppets 3D. Then we went back to the hotel. We picked up the last of the packages & went back to the room. Hoppie watched TV while I did a bunch of packing. Then we went on the ferry from the hotel to Downtown Disney. We wandered around level 3 aqnd 5 and played a few classic games like Arkanoid, Dig Dug, and Xaxxon. Then we took a bus to the Polynesian hotel where we watched the water show. It wasn't as impressive as I remembered, but they still had the sea serpant and fishies and an octopus. then they turned into Stars and Flags. Then we ate dinner at the Kona Cafe. it was delicious. Hoppie had pot stickers for appetizer,and we split an order of vegetable spring rolls with salad (I ate most of the salad.) He had a rum drink served in a pineapple (Lapu Lapu), and I had a strawberry-bananna smoothy. For entrees he had a chicken and shrimp pasta dish, and I had the best tuna I've hever had. Pan seared to blackened on the outside, left rare on the outside and split in half to allow you to savor both tastes., served in a wasabi vinegarette on a bed of vegetables. As desert, they prepared a set of chocolate cream puffs on a pallet on which "Congratulations" was written. it was an amazing meal. Then we went back to DisneyQuest and looked at the 4th floor (uninteresting) and the 2nd and 1st, the Create and VR labs. We were able to create a couple of things, but the songmaker wasn't particularly interesting, since it let you pick the lyrics, but not sing. The Create a Scene was more fun, but it took a while to get the hang of it. In the VR labs,we went on a magical trip on Alladin's flying carpet to find the Genie and save the kingdom. Then with our last waning moments, we went to Pirates of the Caribbean VR.
They put you on a "ship" which has cannons on three sides (left, right and front) in a surround 3D movie. Your job as gunner (hoppie) is to sink pirate ships. Your job as captain (me) is to steer you alongside the ships to shoot them, avoid running aground, and try not to get the ship eaten by sea monsters. We didn't totally suck at it, although we weren't as the people before us, but we were all new and they'd done it before. As it was late, we did not get to try the river rafting ride. But if I had to choose, I'd have picked PotC anyway, so it's all good. VR games are way easier on the brain than VR rides. Maybe it's that element of control? Then we went home and wrote up postcards and finally got to sleep after 2.

Day: The Last

For completeness sake I'll throw this in. We finished packing. Wandered over to the shuttle. Mailed the postcards. Caught the shuttle and the plane and now its time to stow the electronics.
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