awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Purple haze

Hoppie is sick. He's a quiet sick, but a very unhappy sick. Is it bad of me to think maybe I should have stayed in Florida for an extra two days?

I just noticed that someone unfriended me, probably ages ago. I think I should have noticed before now. I'm not upset about it. Just surprised because I didn't notice. I used to think I was pretty astute. Although I have been extremely busy the last few months, so, you know. Sometime in there.

On the subject of Florida, it feels like an inside out vacation. Normally I start vacations on Friday and end them on Sunday, but this one started on Sunday and ended on Friday. It's a complete inversion of the natural order. I consider this a major step in my personal development -- accepting that there are other ways to plan. And it was, all things considered, a pretty successful vacation that will (assuming hoppie isn't dead by tomorrow) allow me to spend Superbowl with my in-laws. Ideally not crying. I spent a lot of time crying this past week. I cried most of the way home. I really miss that little guy.

I want to buy my grandmother a computer. Hers is broken. I'd like her to have one that doesn't suck just once. So she can view pictures as well as send and receive email. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. I'll be looking for a computer for her. Probably a PC just because that's what she's used to. I don't think it's nice to spring a Macintosh on an 87 year old MeeMaw who just wants things to work the way they always have.

I'm thinking I might order it and have it sent to my parents house and either set it up myself next time I'm in town, or (*sigh*) trust my dad not to screw it up.

How evil are you?

I asked hoppie to change the answering machine message because I was tired of listening to the default message (we get a lot of power spikes that wipe out the message. We used to keep a battery in the machine, but when there's a battery in the machine, it always uses it until it's drained rather than using it for a battery backup. It's very odd. We should replace it, but it's serviceable, and we're lazy.) As an example of what he could change it to, I made a very short statement, followed by a question. And that is precisely what he changed the message to. My statement and the my question. It's actually rather amusing. I've heard it twice, maybe three times, and laughed both (or every) time.
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