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Not the post I was writing...

Quality of football yesterday was awful. What does it say when the best play of the game is 15 seconds in, and the rest of game is just a battle of who sucks less? Kudos to the Indianapolis defence though. Rex made it easy for them, but considering how much they sucked during the regular season, they collectively deserve an MVP for stepping it up to bring it home for Indy.

The commercials were as indifferent as the game. The highlights were Blockbuster's Mouse commercial, and the CareerBuilder "do more than survive the workspace" commercials, and the Coke commercials (particularly the Grand Theft Auto parody, and the Coke in the Machine. I actually swooned when the little white puff balls buffed the bottle. Awwwwww, the cute!). I'm delighted that Coke was sponsoring this year, rather than Pepsi. Pepsi's commercials are always so alarming. The Joy of Pepsi is being leered at by Bob Dole (and his dog?), or getting smacked in the stomach with a can of Pepsi, or having your identity stolen by bears? What?

I'm annoyed by the idea that every time I say my host registrar is Go Daddy, I have to apologize for the super bowl commercials. I've had my domain name registered with them longer then they've been running the ads. Although I have to admit that this year, I like the second of their "banned" ads which was probably only banned for use of the word "pervert". Of course the one that wasn't banned was lame and icky and requires me to apologize, yet again, for being associated with them.
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