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Snow, lightly falling - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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February 14th, 2007

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10:42 am - Snow, lightly falling
Ah Valentine's day.
I've been dreaming alot and I know I should write them down for posterity, but I haven't. And I probably won't. Not because there's anything bad about them. They're sort of amusing. Like the one where I was an associate of the devil's and was wandering around the mall waiting for him to show up for a consult. And when he did, trying to magick people away with varying degrees of success.

I purchased a nominal gift for hoppie. It's safe to reveal it, as he does not read my blog. A Patriots UNO game, complete in a Patriots helmet case. I'm also fixing dinner because we honestly can't be bothered to go out. The weather is fair to miserable. But at least we had a contingency plan! It's an imaginative dish, barbeque stew. My BBQ sauce with ribs, veggies, and beans in the crockpot. I'll have to adjust the seasonings, and I'm sorta basing on a chulent recipe in one of my cookbooks. We'll see how it comes out.

Hoppie set up the Tivos last night. As zonereyrie predicted, you really do need CableCards to be happy. They'll be coming by tomorrow to install the cableCARDs. I'll need to hunt up the cable remote tonight and provide a clear path for the tech inside the house. Hoppie will need to snowblow and shovel to provide a clearpath for the tech outside the house.

And I've just transferred service to the new TiVo. So we're all registered and stuff. Squeee!
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