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An odd jumble of things

Strange dreams last night. I was living in a dystopian society and was one of the people responsible for leading the baddies to one the rebellion safe houses (ala Stanley Tweedle). I was captured, and I never figured out if that was lucky. We escaped a number of times, but by doing things I would not be impressed by under normal circumstances. I guess it was an object lesson of my brain telling me I'd do what it would take to survive, no matter how personally distasteful. I was sorta wondering about that at some point during this past week.

In another dream, I was with a group of girls at some type of house party/slumber party type thing, but I didn't know them well, and they didn't seem interested in getting to know me. We were doing team building type activities, and I was sorta working/not-working on my project for the next day, and didn't realize time was passing and then it was time to go out for the evening activity (a fancy dress affaire) and I was still wearing my crap street clothing. Because I was in a different section, I didn't realize everyone else had gotten ready until the 5 minutes to go call rang out. Then I ran upstairs to get dressed. It was like a poorly designed video game, actually, where you have to perform a set of tasks in serial. First you have to talk to the hosts to find out where the dress is. Then you have to get the dress. Then you have to find out where you can change (more talking to people), meanwhile the clock is ticking, and you have to get dressmaid to help you get into the dress. Ridiculous.

There was another dream too, but I've forgotten it now.

I'm having a day of ups and downs.
I had to rip out a bunch of stitches because my flower had an extra petal. (stupid flowers)
It took me awhile, but I got myself a new environment set up.
I bought some romance books wicked cheap.
And no writers radio, when I had my heart set on it.

I started off feeling sorta bummed because of the dreams. It's indicative of my larger problem. Sleep doesn't feel restful. When I wake up, I'm tired and unable to return to sleep. I have no idea what to do about it.

The Awful truth- You are playing Guram, an androgynous being who has befriended the people in the Garden.
This is probably the most difficult thing as, *cough* I don't natively look particularly androgynous. No ideas on what to do here.

On the Rails - Mary Cooper, a somewhat mousey English writer doing field research.
Black linen skirt and suit jacket, simple gold or pearl earrings, maybe necklace, white blouse. Hair back in either a bun, or in a black bow clip.

Devus Ex - The angel Raphael
I could bring a sword if I wanted (and if I had one), but would it be too post-modern to bring a small bat? I'm really the small bat type. I'm allowed to bring a musical instrument. He recommends a horn, but I could bring hoppie's roll-up keyboard. That might be funny, but I probably shouldn't go for too many humourous elements.

Marlowe 2020 - "Doc" Fujiwara - Happier with bots than people.
Black slinky skirt, either velvet or rayon (I know, what a difference, right?), black rayon top. I was originally thinking given the setting, I should go for the S/M look, and dig out restraints and collars, but as I'm actually playing a stuffy intellectual type, maybe I'll step it down a notch and just wear my hair in a no-nonsense bun and maybe steal Mary's jewellery.

Questions from hp_fridayfive
1. What do you think Neville's role will be in the final book?
I think he'll continue to play a strong supporting role. Since he's actively working to develop his magical talent, I see him blossoming a little bit and being a key support for Harry until Harry dies.
2. Do you think Voldemort will actually be destroyed, or will he end up in Azkaban?
Yes, destroyed, although it would be interesting to think of the idea that Harry would be the one to die, while Voldemort lives, but is diminished. The prophesy is pretty clear on the idea that one or both of them is going to die.
3. Do you think the Dursleys will have much of a role?
Dudley, no. Petunia, maybe. Maybe it's me wanting redemption, but I'd like to see her step up. I doubt it will happen though.
4. Who is one (major or minor) character you would love to see return in the final book?
I'd like the see the centaurs involved in whatever goes down. I like centaurs.
5. Would you like the epilogue to extend until the ends of the characters' lives LOTR-style, or would you just like to know up to, say, the next decade?
Either is fine. I just prefer for the story to provide some type of post-conflict wrap-up. She's been good at that historically though, so that's not my biggest concern about the upcoming book.
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