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and that slow southern style

So in addition to the silky, gravelly tones of my cold laden voice, I've also noticed a drastic deepening in my southern accent. You can actually hear the Kentucky now. Elaine suggests that it's because my brain is looking for easiest way to communicate and automatically switching to the somewhat laid back southern style where you don't have to actually pronounce anything you say.
Which to be honest, sounds quite appealing.

I'm a Heretic!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

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Our new name for MLH is Mary Poppins: 1) he's practically perfect in every way in his own mind and his manager's
2) he pops (like a daisy!) up in our offices constantly.
3) It's charming.
4) I don't really have anything else to say
5) but I'm really enjoying the random number typing.
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