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This only sounds like self-pity rant

I keep seeing all these 10 unique things about me meme.

I don't think there are 10 unique things about me. I can't even come with two. For everything idea I come up with, I already know someone for whom it applies:

Married hoppie - Well, my sister-in-law used to go by the nickname hoppie, and she'd married, so her husband, my brother-in-law married a hoppie too. Boy that will give me nightmares tonight.

Lost a nephew named Nat - Not even counting my brother's brother-in-law, I have a friend who was aunt to a Nathan who also died in early childhood. Man, we miss us our Nats.

Been to Israel/Lived in Israel - I know at least two other people on my friend's list who've been there and I have many friends who've lived there, or still live there.

Knows Hebrew - I know just enough Hebrew to complicate any other foreign language I attempt to learn. There's nothing more fun than starting a sentence in German and finishing it in Hebrew, because I don't remember the German words. No, Hebrew and German do not make Yiddish, no matter what they tell you. Unrelated, though, Hoppie was listening to XPlay yesterday and the announcer was doing the intro and finished with, "Shana Tova, it's Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb."
I looked up from what I was reading, laughed for a second, said, "I know what that means" and went back to my book.
Hoppie said, "Isn't that Klingon."
So at least he's isn't perfect, even if he understands Judaism better than like anyone. "No, dear, Hebrew. It means 'Happy New Year'."
Of course he followed it up by asking when I told him today was the fast of Esther with "Is this one of those fasts that they moved so it wouldn't fall on the Sabbath." Sometimes he totally stuns me with the things he says. "Yes. It is."

Here's one that no one else I know might be able to say, Alice Cooper touched me. We were in the front row at a concert in Boston in 2001 and I looked up at him, didn't try to grab him or in any way interfere with him, and I think he was impressed by that, so he reached down and caressed my cheek with his leather gloved hand during "Only Women Bleed." His guitarist also dropped a guitar pick down into my cleavage. I walked around saying "He touched me." for weeks afterwards and completely revolting my friends, none of whom really appreciate the level of the connection we built inside those few seconds. He did not reach out to touch other people because they were all reaching out to touch him. It felt like he was responding to my level of respect by coming to me. It probably sounds stupid but it totally made sense at the time. So has Alice Cooper touched you?

I made a joke pun that made Teller groan. That's sorta cool.

For my after-prom party, my date and I went to an amusement park. Okay, so we took a couple of hours apart to go to respective homes and grab a little bit of sleep, but still. And we had a great day, and it rained buckets on the way home. And it was a long drive in those days, because Kentucky Kingdom (now 6 Flags over Kentucky) had not yet been built, and the nearest amusement park was King's Island, just north of Cincinnati. And that's when my prom date, Michael, explained to me that his mechanic told him that cars like to be driven at 70 miles per hours from time to time to help them flush their systems out.

Here's the thing. I'm not unique because of the things I've done or not done. I'm unique because of who I am. My odd personality quirks, my good humour, my general demeanour. I may not be able to point to things that I've done that you haven't, but I suspect you'd have a hard time coming up with anyone who's just like me.
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