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And the days go by

The first dream was about role playing again, but I don't remember a jot of it. Just waking up thinking, "When does this stop?" But then I talked to hoppie who was just coming to bed, so I totally forgot whatever the dream was about, just that I thought that.

The next dream, I was at a beach with my parents. The beach was a strange place to say the least. It was really more like a pool with sand and a swimming pool constructed like a lake. We had lounge chairs and regular chairs and our stuff right there. We were apparently living here, at least for the duration of vacation. And we had two small cousins, I'd say maybe 10 and 6. The girl was 10. The boy was 6. Mom said to the boy cousin, get your stuff, lets go, and I didn't realize she wasn't talking to all of us, so I went to get my stuff, but it wasn't by the chairs anymore.

Apparently in an effort to keep the beach clean, periodically the cleaners would pick up all the bag and move them to the racks and cupboards behind the last row of chairs. Between our area and the racks, were very tightly packed rows of chairs all filled with people. So I went looking for my bag which turned out to be on the side wall rather than the back wall, so I had to go nearly all the way through the back row before I was able to find it. Fortunately searching through the first few cupboards, I turned my head to the side and saw it in an open grate locker. So I got it, move back through the crowd and returned to my family. Then my mother clarified that it wasn't us she wanted, just my little 6 year old cousin. She was taking him to watch football. My 10 year old cousin pouted a moment, then we decided go to swimming. So I went to go to change in a bathroom which was sort like a small hotel bathroom. Then when I came out, we were at a complex about a mile down the road. A woman said we could use the pool at the complex, and I thanked her politely, but no, and we left. There was some conversation there, but I don't remember it.
We left in our school bus and then somehow we got caught in the cross-fire of some aliens chasing Mr. Spock. My Spock ejected from the vehicle he was in and was flying in his golf cart, while we watched our schoolbus flying over the surface of the ocean from a safe distance on a hill, and yet we were still in the school bus, just like seeing things from this forced hilltop perspective. It was like being two places at once. Then the golf cart started to fall (because, duh, golf carts can't fly) and Mr. Spock parachuted out wearing a yellow jumpsuit. And then the school bus started to fall and I was worried for a minute, but then I realized were the on the hill where we'd been watching this all from, so that was okay. I found myself worried that because he was in the yellow jumpsuit they'd seen him eject, just as we had, but then he stood behind me and said something. And then I woke up.

Saw kyzoku and karnil on Monday. They're doing pretty well. Both enjoying their jobs. That's somewhat rewarding. Maybe this is a frustrated mothering thing, but I love seeing people around me succeed. I know a lot of people don't feel that way and I know some people who only feel like they're succeeding when they know that other people around them are failing. Anyway, it was nice to see them. We're talking about setting up a table-top gaming session (not RPG, I don't think, real games) sometime in April, after Passover and karnil's concert.

I haven't spoken to mrsjtn in over a week and I'm worried about her, but not sure the best way to contact her. This frustrates me. I'm also not sure what I can say. She's going through alot, and I want her to know I'm there for her, but I'm not sure the best way to say it. I want to be supportive, but I'm not always sure the best way to do it, other than standing well back and praying.

Also, I feel overwhelmed at work which is making it hard to concentrate on it, thus leading to more overwhelming feelings. Need more focus.
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