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March 8th, 2007

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01:42 pm - Commercials and PSAs
I'm listening to the Twins radio network for Sox/Twins pre-season baseball and the commercials are just cracking me up.

First is this woman who wants to have this company install smoke alarms in all the forests to warn the animals in case there's a forest fire. She works her way through the intern son of the owner and ends up talking to the owner who decides she's a quack and hangs up. Then the voice-over from "Smoky Bear" reminds you that only you can prevent forest fires.

And then there was a recommendation to try "Swine Dining" from the Minnesota Pork Product association. Hee hee. Swine dining.
Edit: These really crack me up. They just had a Twins commercial suggesting we Canadian like Twins slugger Justin Morneau. "He can hit a ball so hard it looks like Canadian bacon. He can hit it so far, it picks up a French Canadian accent. He had a 130 RBIs last year which is like 758 metric RBIs."
It was funny. I giggled.

And the announcers just totally butchered Daisuke Matsusaka's name. It wasn't as bad as the Toronto announcers last week with Jacoby Ellsbury where no combination of the PA announcer and the two radio announcers seemed to be able to get it right. I love spring training.
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Sox/Twins baseball
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