awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Return of the insomniac

Still tired, and yet awake. How frustrating. And my mother wonders why I try to not go to bed before 10. I was exhausted and it was only 9:30, and it was at least 10 before I was asleep anyway, but there's no reasoning with insomnia. It apparently doesn't respond to logic.

Another role-play dream, that's how many in a row? And there was a cat-girl. Also, I found a coat I liked in my dream. Must be cold if I'm dreaming of shopping for winter coats. Also shows how much I hate my "current" one. No point in shopping for one now, though, they don't have any in the stores. I'll have to wait until mid-July or something when it's 98 degrees out and all you can find are winter coats.

Woke up with sense of having not done things I meant to. I thought that might be keeping me awake, so I hastened (by which I mean, I lay in bed thinking "I want to sleep! Please let me sleep!" until I gave up, about 15 minutes later thinking "well maybe if I do this thing...") to check on the status of the things I meant to do. Of course they were done, which is it's own frustrating thing.

I was going to do some work, but then I realized the work I was going to do was very complicated and my brain wasn't up to it. So instead, I shall try to sleep again
Tags: dream, rant, work

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