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Color schemes revisited

So today I rehashed the work I did here. there's a post one day before and two days afterwards relating to it as well.. Basically its this. Since the project began, Rick has been saying that he hates the orange on the background. I finally helped get rid of it. This is not the point of the post. The point is that I asked the aforementioned UI designer to step in and provide us some needed feedback. So he dutifully accompanies us, and while we're discussing the screen design elements, Mr. Lonely Heart (Mary Poppins) comes in talk to him about something not displaying correctly on his screen. Screw you, twit. Get the hell out of my office. We are working here. If you have something to say, politely say, "I need you when you get a chance." and go away. Do not walk proud as you please into my office and start distracting our SME while we're in the middle of using him! TWICE!
In good news, though, Rick is marginally pleased with the look. I don't know why everyone keeps looking at me and asking if I like it. a) my opinion does not matter in the slightest b) I have no eye for imagery and c) I never said I didn't like it.
At least I don't think I did. I probably didn't like the orange much, but I would never have said that.
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