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Let's not kid ourselves

Who's surprised that my best time to update is before 6 in the morning. Show of hands? Anyone? Sounds of crickets chirping? Oh, right, even they aren't up yet.

So anyway, best week ever and all that.

I still haven't unloaded my pictures. I've just been dead busy since we got back, alternating between work, sleep, and social obligations, (and shopping obligations).

So when last we met, I was on the way to see my brother, Sissy, and little Asher.
We had a great visit. Monday we spent playing with Asher. He crawls very well now, chases the Jack, the cat, around, throws the ball, loves to be read to, shows understanding of a lot of words, although he's not interested in communication a whole ton yet. I still think he's making the sign for more, but Sis thinks he's just clapping happily. And it did seem like whenever she tried to get him to sign more, he just wasn't interested. Moms have a special way of understanding these baby things that us mortals can't comprehend, so I'm willing to believe she's right.

Tuesday we went to Mommy & Me in the morning. Doesn't that sound like a great morning radio programme? They have a bunch of different activities which the mothers (and guests) do while the kids wander around doing other things. Okay, maybe it isn't quite that bad. They start out in a circle singing songs and introducing each of the kids by name. Then they do an art project (okay, that one usually does involve the kids attempting to thwart the completion of art while the parent struggles valiently to complete it. It's quite cute to watch.) Then they go outside and play while the parents catch up a bit which each other. That's where we actually interacted with the adults of the groups and they're very sweet, nice people. Then we came back in for snack, and then played with musical instruments (lots of banging and some more singing), and then the parachute came out, and the kds got to sit on it, while we whirled around them and picked up the parachute, then they got under the parachute and we picked it up and put it down around them. Then I think it was time to go.

We went to lunch and then Hoppie and I went to Daytona International Speedway. First we got a little behind-the-scenes tour of what happens before the race, viewing driver profiles and highlight clips and watching how they got made. (I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say about this, but it's incredibly cool.) Then we wandered into the museum and looked around for a few minutes until the track tour. We have pictures from that which I'll eventually upload. It's hard to do justice to it, but lets just say that the banked turn are really, really high.

I have more to say, but having just spent an unproductive 40 minutes on the phone with my new hosting providers, I'm a little burnt out. I ended up sending a follow-up email to try to explain my problem, but it's not technically a follow-up because there's no trouble ticket for my problem because it's not really a problem because they can't reproduce it, because they can't use my testing scenario, because it involves another machine. Confused? You won't be after my next post!
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