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Agony! Far more painful than yours!

Would you believe my boss just wandered by and complimented me on the reports colors (which is that thing I was thrashing about with yesterday)?
Go freaking figure.
So my day.
I talked to munchie, who I don't think I've spoken to since shortly after graduating college, not for any bad reason, just lost touch. But he has a livejournal. It feels incredible to catch up. Words fail me. I was delighted when I saw his lj yesterday, and after talking to him today, I feel even better. I remember visiting him at IU so clearly. I had so much fun.
I earned another curves buck. Hoppie is well on the way to his Tshirt. I think I have 12 bucks now and 15 is the tshirt. Go Marci! Go!
After coming back from curves, talked to the boss about performance reviews. I still think she hates me so I'm totally dreading it. My only saving grace is that she'll talk to people who do appreciate my work. Now I just have to think of who those people are and if they've forgiven me for making them sick this week.
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