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Finishing the week

So, we were at the speedway, we got to see the car of tomorrow, the IMAX NASCAR experience (but not in 3D because the 3D projector is broken), watch a pit stop in action, tour the museum, spend some money, and then we went back to meet up with Sissy and Brian, and Ash. We did dinner and Asher's birthday. (Which was officially yesterday, by the way, happy 1 year, kid.)

Brian and I had some quality morning wrestling time (watching, not doing). We used to watch wrestling as kids, so it was very nostalgic.

Then Wednesday we were wending our way home. Then some things happened like, moving, work, dinner with Janice, Passover shopping. Then a slumber party with Lolo! And after a miserable plane ride,
(Me: That was a very turbulent ride.
Hoppie: It wasn't turbulence. The pilots can't fly.)
we arrived here. And the MeeMaw (along with Dad) came to pick us up and we got to spend an hour or so with the family before heading over to Robin the midwife's to hang with her, Kevin, and Vicky and some assortment of children, although a small assortment as it was late on a school night.

Then home by 12:30. Then awake again by 7:30 (7:10 to be exact), and thus ends my week!
Tags: family, friends, holiday, travel

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