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When last we saw our heroine, she was...

This trip to Louisville was successful.
I should compose a song about it. A list song. Everyone loves those.
These lines would feature:
2 Robins
A MeeMaw a day
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
Phone calls
2 comprehensive Seders.

Okay, so maybe it's a boring song.

Lets get to it, shall we?

Hoppie slept late on Monday so I ended up peeling all but one of the 15 pounds of potatos needed for the kugel. I am like a champion potato peeler. I zipped through them. I am woman, watch me knife.
I was so fast, I was able to get through them, and grate about 5 potatoes before hoppie made his appearance. He took over the grating and did the rest of the 15 pounds and the onions. Yea Hoppie!

[there's only one grater so we can't both grate at the same time. We do have more than one knife and a vegetable peeler (better for carrots than potatoes, if you ask me), so had he been able to, he could have peeled potatoes concurrently with me. that's actually how the one potato I didn't do got peeled. MeeMaw peeled it. Then she looked over and saw that I'd finished five and was into the sixth while she was working on it, and decided to just walk away until it was time to do the mixing and measuring.]
The J Cafe provided catering this year, so other than soup (Mom made it) and salad (me), and kugel (the stupendously awesome team of Meemaw, Hoppie, and me), there wasn't much to do. Dad set the table.

In addition to family, we also had a couple of guests the first night, which is pretty unusual, but it did give us a new youngest to ask the four questions. This year, for the first time, the majority of the family sang all the words of Dayenu. This sounds trivial until you realize that most years, it's just me and Brian singing the verses, with people joining in for the chorus. Maybe because we weren't here last year and the family got to blossom into the Seder a bit.
As usual, after dinner, things dragged around until everyone left and we were allowed to finish the Seder. I don't really get why Mom feels like it's such an imposition to force our guests to stick around for the second half. After all that food, it's sorta nice to NOT have to run off, to be able to sit around, drink and sing praises to G-d. It made sense when we were younger and had to go school the next day, but not so much anymore.
Anyway, we moved through the rest of the seder. It was very quiet without Brian and Sissy. It made me wonder for the first time about what the Seder was like the year I was in Israel. Dad says it wasn't memorable.
We got to the conclusion of the Seder and did the "next year in Jerusalem" thing and everyone got up. I refused! I thought about it for a moment and realized that my favourite part of the Seder is the songs that come after the service is completed. Particularly the way our new Hagaddah is set up. There are 5 or 6 songs after the "conclusion." In previous Hagaddahs, there were only 3 with the other songs coming as part of the conclusion.
Anyway, everyone else got up, and I resolutely kept my place and sang (by myself!) the rest of the songs. I noticed at one point, hoppie was eyeing me funny which I decided to interprate as he'd rather I sang in Israel, so, mid-song, I switched to the English version (It was "Who Knows One" a list song. Everyone loves list songs!). I even did Khad Gad Ya ("One Little Kid") an entirely random song along the lines of "The House That Jack Built")

Second seder was a small group. One of mom's majj friends with her husband and adult daughter. First time in years, I've had gotten to say the 4 questions. Between you, me, and the rest of the free world, it actually felt great to be able to say them. It's honestly been years. Being able to say the four questions meant I got to choose the tune, yea! Brian called during the Seder and said "Pour out your wrath" for/with us.
This time the rest of the family stayed with me for the songs after the Seder. It was nice.

Lets see, rest of the trip: got to play majjong with Robin, Mom, and Meemaw. Meemaw was the big winner (35 cents), but we all Mahjjed at least once, so that was cool.

One of my dreams last night involved me being in a religious school. Two classes a day on religious subjects. Don't remember much else.
Had an interesting hotel room in a dream last week. Hoppie and I tagged along to a convention my parents were invited to. We went back to the hotel room after dropping them off at the airport. We had one more day before we were leaving. The hotel room, really a suite was set up like this.
Enter into the large bedroom. That's where my parents slept. Walk through to a small kitchenette and beyond that to the room that we had. Walk into the suite from the hall and instead of continuing straight to the kitchenette, you turn left and enter the office, full mahogany wood panelling, sturdy, large desk, walk-out glass patio doors overlooking the grounds, and off in the distance a bit, the hotel pool, and a door to the room across from our bedroom, a plush sitting room with the same glass windows/doors.
I called the desk and asked if we could stay there an extra night, but they were pretty rude about saying no. They offered us a different room, but this room was for convention guests only. We could get another room for less than 100$ (99$), but I thought that was insanely expensive, and if we had to pack, we might as well switch hotels. (hoppie agreed with me.)

My mother is attempting to downsize her house. I think she and dad are thinking of moving, although the phrase "selling the house" has not been explicitly uttered. I'm torn between wanting to drive down so we can load up the car with things before she gives them away or insisting we fly so we don't have to take everything. Among the things they insisted we take was the three unframed prints from a set of holiday prints they had as a legacy from Uncle Bert. We now have Shabbat, Channukah, and Passover. I dropped them off at the framer's yesterday. They're getting matching frames, brushed pewter with black trim, double mat with the top mat an off-white and the lower mat coloured to compliment the colours in the print.

The framer was delighted with the prints. They were hand-produced, each colour laid down separately. He was just delighted. He recommended I check ebay to see how much similar things were selling for, which I did, but I didn't find anything similar, so you know, that's that.
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