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Dreams, Mailbox baseball, and Harry update

I had many dreams, but the only thing I remember was trying to fix the blinds on the window between floors. (you know how some steps turn and have a slight landing? Ours don't, but these did, and there was a full sized window on the landing with a set of horizontal blinds which I couldn't work) while bundling my dark-haired daughter off to sleep. I told her to brush her teeth and I'd be up to tuck her in and she hid in her room, (which looked like my brother's room at my parents house. Come to that, the whole top floor looked like my parents' house), toothbrush in mouth. So I bundled her back into the bathroom and told her I was irritated because she should have been finished and in bed in the time it took me to straighten those blinds, and because I didn't want her brushing her teeth in the bedrooms. Then suddenly she turned sullen, and into hoppie, who was telling me how mad he was at me because I reacted with anger instead of reasoning, and that's no way to raise children. It just went downhill from there.

This morning when I got the paper, I notice the mailbox had been smashed. That's irritating. Hoppie was wondering if we should call the police. I said no, but now I'm wondering if we should. It's a sleepy town, the police might actually care and try to find and stop it if it is part of a rash of teen vandals. I'm just greatful it wasn't worse, as I seem to have forgotten to close the garage door last night. I didn't tell hoppie that.
Update: Hoppie says he reassembled the mailbox as best he could and it should hold until a) a second assault b) weather (of pretty much any type, high winds, snow, rain, sleet, hail) c) I replace it which I hope to do today or tomorrow.

So I finally know about the room of requirement. I'm glad I didn't before, I would have been offended that so many of our RPGers found it so easily. If Frank ever finds it without being told, I'll be stunned. I can't imagine him needing anything that much. Still it's really cool. And it does my heart good to be see my boy doing so well.
The Quiddich match. Ugh. Was that necessary? It's not hard to believe the "Potter Stinks" would stoop to such tricks, but it's hard to believe they could make that much trouble. At least it was hard for me to believe it. And I go back to my original Umbridge point. Would it really be possible for Britain's Ministry of Magic to ban someone from Quiddich for life? I'm not suggesting Harry, Fred and George leave the country of anything, but it seesm to me the Ministry couldn't really stop them from turning pro. I do not think I'd let her have my broomstick. If I were Harry, I'd send it off to Gringotts to be stored in his vault or something.
It's good to see Hagrid back. I've missed him terribly, and apparently he's a rough time while he was away. I notice he didn't explain how and why he got beat up. Death Eaters the way back, do you think? Poor Hagrid.
This was the first chapter in a long time that tempted me to read on. But I didn't. I resisted the urge.

So got home yesterday and I said, "We have an Alice!" and hoppie said....wait for it...
"Who the hell is Alice?"
Ha ha. Anyway, now suddenly Frank has much plot. The dearly departed would jump at this point, were they alive and point out that he's a minor character who deserves less plot. Oh well. Still, I have to admit, it's cool to have someone out there wanting Frank.
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