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Another scheduled oil change for my blue beauty. The manager, who usually helps me, was working on another car when I got in, but he came over and chatted as soon as he got a chance. Apparently we're on a first name basis now. 8-) That's how you know you're too predictable. But I love them. They do a great job. Got my transmission fluids changed too. Car seems to be running better, bless her heart.

I figured I should do it today because I'm running down to Wellsley Hills again tonight. Constant excitement, right?
I need to get ink for my printer. I'm out of yellow. Actually, I don't think I'm out of it, I just can't find it. I can find two boxes each of Cyan and Magenta, and one box of black, but no Yellow. Grrr, says I.

It's so wrong of me to want these. I could wait until they're all released and then buy them in a boxed set. I love boxed sets.

The manager (of VIOC) told me that they now have Sunday hours. That settles the issues of when I'm bringing in hoppie's car. I'll bring it on Sunday. Squeee!
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