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Let me just say, despite yesterday's post, I didn't start this group. It's just another one those odd things that seems to be happening around me that a less suspicious religious person would call coincidence.
kol_ishah is a safe place for all women; regardless of your hashkafa (perspective), orientation, and/or background.The community is dedicated to the theme of exploring Traditional Jewish women's religious experiences in an artistic manner.
"Artistic manner" may mean:

- poetry
- prose (either fiction or non-fiction)
- collage
- painting
- sketches
- photography
- sculpture
- beading
- embroidery
- ...and more!

Some themes you may wish to consider are:

- aspects of Traditional Judaism that you find liberating or constrictive
- how various milestones affected your religious perspective (i.e. graduation from school, bat miztvah, marriage, pregnancy, birth, caretaking for parents, etc.)
- stories of the Imahot (Matriarchs)
- techiniot ("supplications"/prayers) that you have written
- scripts/pictures of rituals you have created
- the stories of your female ancestors (your Ima, Bubbe, Savta, etc.)
- how being a Traditional Jewish woman may impact one's relationships with men both inside and outside of our respective communities
- stories of/about/involving Orthodox women
- thoughts on gender roles
- musings on Taharat HaMishpacha (Laws of Family Purity)
-....and more!
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